Mobile Proof of Fall Worth?

There are many options for different skins for smartphones and tablets: thick, thin, soft, hard, colorful and clear. But covers can do even more. Many of us use protective covers, and there are many of us there that tend to leave our devices fall more than we should.

Hopefully people have now learned that these smartphones that we carry with us in all places are worth more than the price paid for them. And the repairs can cost up to almost the same price you paid for the smartphone and this is where the cases come into play. The covers are an obvious solution to protect our phones. But why? And what you should consider when buying a cover or even a mobile phone-proof of drops?

As a Cover or Cellular Evidence of a Fall Minimises the Impacts?

Your smartphone is a piece of equipment quite hard, and has a structure relatively fragile. What I mean by hard is that there’s not much in a standard phone that can absorb energy in an impact, so rather than absorb shock and limit the impact in a region, the energy of an impact will be transferred through the whole device . And what I mean by fragile is that the glass on your screen is not able to bend very far without damage. The majority of the power used in smartphones today is much more durable than a glass standard, which means that it can absorb more energy than a window or a drinking cup, but it is still more brittle than the plastic on the back of your device. So, how can we combat this? With the science.

We will pick up a bicycle helmet simple, for example. The helmets are there to protect your brain precious in case something were to happen while riding. It is made of many parts to create this protection, but the most important thing it does is lessen the impact. In a simple graph, the curve of the energy from impact with the helmet is prolonged for a long period of time and the peak is greatly reduced. This is done through the soft foam in the crush of the helmet and crushing the foam more stiff, transferring less impact energy to your brain. This peak of energy of the impact is the dangerous part. If you can mitigate this peak, you can save lives.

As This Applies to the Covers and Mobile Phone Shock Proof?

Your smartphone is less important than your brain, but we can apply the same principles to protect your smartphone. When selecting a cover or device to be shock-proof, choose one that is made of a material that is not hard or too soft, but it is more flexible or soft. Choose a model that absorb the energy. Some of the common materials of the absorbent materials of energy are the silicone and the thermoplastic polyurethane, also known as TPU. This is what makes vertas brands so successful in the manufacture of able to mobile phones and tablets. The layers and devices made with shock-proof are usually made of silicone (at least one of the layers) and, depending on the series, it can be very thick, making them very efficient at absorbing energy. You should not care for the volume of a smartphone if you want it to be tip-resistant.

A cellular or hard-shell case will not absorb impact energy unless it breaks in the fall, but you should not count on this happening. What will probably happen is that the energy will be passed directly to the phone without a decrease in intensity. In addition, I’m not promising that a cover or soft structure always protect your device in case of a fall. Helmets are not 100% effective, but using one is significantly safer than not using them.

Worth Phones the Evidence of the Fall?

If you are looking for a cover to protect your phone in a drop, add the terms “silicone” or “TPU” to your search. You can limit your options, but you will increase the effectiveness of your protection. There may be other materials that is not mentioned and that are effective in absorbing impact energy.

About machines that are resistant to falls, it is important to note that there are very few models geared for this. Can be good options if you have a heavy-duty work where falls of electronics can be common and mean serious damage to your device. Perhaps the best option still is to buy a cover from a brand with a good reputation and with a good material. Allied to a good model of smartphone, you can have great results resistance for your device.

How do you protect the phones from drops? What tips would you give to someone who wants a device more resistant?