Motorola Announces New 360 And 360 Sport Bike Motorcycle

Motorola announced on Wednesday (2) the two versions of the new Bike 360 (or four, depending on your interpretation). The standard model, bearing the name of the previous clock becomes divided into different sizes for men and women. There is also a Sport model, aimed at physical activities.

Bike 360 (2nd Generation)

The design of the second generation of Bike 360 suffered few news, see the black belt at the bottom of the screen that is still there to give way to the sensor (and the clock continues round!). Now, the button that before was to the right of the device is positioned at an angle of 45º in relation to the Center.

The male version is available in two sizes (42 and 46 mm), while the female is limited to 42 mm. See both below:

As usual, both models are still running Android Wear, a special version of Android for smart watches that recently won compatibility with iOS. Compared to the previous version, the software now supports important information on the main screen of the clock, feature called Live Dials. In addition to data such as time, date and distance counter, the Live Dials work with third-party applications and now support apps like Shazam and IFTTT.

Customization options, however, are not limited to the images above. The clock back for men is available in the colors silver, gold and black, while the female version comes in the colors silver, gold and gold Rosemary-lime. The bracelets of all models (except Sport) can be exchanged for other different colours and materials, so you can make co The new Bike 360 hardware has also been updated to support the 400 Snapdragon processor 1.2 GHz dual-core, notably faster than the TI OMAP used in the previous version;battery management is also significantly better: 42 mm version lasts until a day and a half and the 46 mm model can handle two days out from the outlet. Other components include 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory.

As a aims the Engadget, the screen resolution increased to 360 × 325 pixels in the 42 mm and 360 × 330 pixels in the 46 mm. The Panel continues to be LCD and, according the The Verge the screen is not as good as the Apple Watch or LG Watch Urbane, that use OLED panels.

360 Sport Bike

The new Sport model, as the name implies, is for those who want to use the clock mostly to accompany your sports. The difference of physical activity-oriented version is the “independence” of the smartphone: to go jogging in the morning or go to the gym, your cell phone can stay home, once the clock already has sensors to register your speed, distance, distance and heart rate.

mbinations like gold and black, like the image below.

Without the possibility to exchange the bracelet, the 360 Sport Bike has silicone finish and is coated with special protection to UV rays, moisture, fading or stains; There is still ventilation channels that help keep your wrist cool, according to Motorola. There are also certified IP67, protection against dust and water splash — it is not recommended to swim or dive with the Sport.

Inside, the sport model has special LCD display in order to contribute to the vision of the screen under the sunlight. This time, with 400 Snapdragon, the battery lasts up to two days in normal use, according to Motorola.

When It Arrives?

Still no availability scheduled here in Brazil, the second generation of Bike 360 is now available on pre-order in the United States at prices ranging from $299 to $429. The Sport model still has no price or availability. Imagine that the two models should not take long to show up here, since both have already been approved in Fcc, with the name of 360S and 360 l, as points the 9to5Mac .

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