Now that Nokia sold its mobile division to Microsoft will focus on offering its services by launching applications for other devices on the market. A couple of months ago saw its intentions to launch Here Maps on Android but today Nokia We are surprised with the announcement of your own application launcher for Android.

Z Launcher It is the intelligent application launcher that Nokia is currently developing for Android, offering a very limited number of users to download a pre-beta version to now test its creation, although it will be full of errors to be a very early version.

With Nokia Z Launcher We have an application launcher very simple and nothing customizable. It will be the own Launcher which It will show on your desktop only a list with applications, contacts, and most used websites depending on the day to access them quickly, displaying the time, date and calendar events at the top. You can not add to your desktop our widgets or favorite applications. Nokia Z Launcher also allows us to write letters on your home screen to search quickly our applications, contacts, or Web pages.

It is unknown when Nokia launched Z Launcher way official and stable for the majority of Android through Google Play devices. At the moment we will have to settle with previous versions that are launching Web page.