Orange Also Points to The Actual Tests LTE – a, with Up to 222 Mbps Down

As lately we are witnessing a war between all operators with own network to expand its 4 G coverage and the virtual are still waiting for their availability, the companies continue to put a look in the future, being on this occasion Orange which is testing LTE-A in a real environment.

In the case of the French company tests are being conducted on a node (antenna) in Valencia. The first results according to Orange have been completely satisfactory, with 222 Mbps of lowering achieved, so the company already raises its expansion to other antennas of the capital of the Turia.

While it could be said that the 4G is still in diapers operators always look for ways to differentiate themselves from their rivals, and after the various tests which have carried out Movistar and Vodafone with the next update of the 4G is now Orange which has put hands to work.

Next coverage LTE-A of Orange in Valencia

Work to adapt the antenna, undertaken by Orange in cooperation with Huawei, not have required hardware changes, so the update of the antennas would be simple. Now, to reach the 222 Mbps down the French they have combined 20 MHz band 2,600 MHz and 10 MHz of the 1,800 MHz band, combination that provides a theoretical maximum of 225 Mbps of descent.

Again we have to point out that to be able to take advantage of the LTE-A or 4 G + we need devices with this option, so far very few. In addition, so that we will see a real expansion 4 g as of the 4 G + we will have to wait for the digital dividend or liberalization of the 800 MHz band, you are both doing wait and whose date limit on January 1, 2015.