Orange Cash Extends The Alternatives to Pay with Your Mobile

After details of the proposal from Vodafone Wallet together with Visa to use the electronic purse how smartphone, Orange presents Cash, your card MasterCard rechargeable prepaid on the smartphone available for use through the App and in the format of traditional physical card using chip and magnetic stripe.

From the Orange Cash available at the moment for iOS and Android application, the user can make online payments completely securely, send free money to mobile users of Orange Cash until August 31 or perform contactless payments in establishments with POS “contactless”, and the security to be able to spend only the balance previously recargargado.

To enjoy Orange Cash you don’t need to have a bank account, and works with all the phone numbers of any Spanish company. The user can also consult your balance, movements, make transfers and payments from the application itself and also from the web If at any time you don’t have front mobile or you have lost it.

Those interested may request and activate the card Orange Cash for completely free no fees or annual fees but if it will have a cost to recharge the balance card. And as a launch promotion, the first 5,000 customers who use the service will count with $10 gift.

Reload fees and other costs

Against the proposal from Vodafone that is initially free, Orange has the following costs apply: * buy the traditional card of plastic has a cost of 9 euros (or $ 5 if it is a duplicate).
Card recharges from shops Orange or facilities with capacity to recharge mobile phones through the DISA network, will have a 1 euro Commission Each reload of between 5 and 50 euros, or Commission of EUR 2 per refills 51 euros or higher.
* Refills from a checking account or debit card, the Commission will be of 1 euro reload regardless of the amount.
* Refills with credit card they will have a cost of 2 euros reload.
* The sending money to other Orange Cash since the month of September will only cost of 50 cents.