Orange Closed The Circle with The Arrival of The 4G to The 35 Kangaroo and Its Additional Lines

It was the only convergent rate of Orange that it was not compatible with 4 G… until today. And it is that as expected the French company has announced that from today those who hire or have hired a kangaroo 35 fee or additional lines also can connect to their 4 G networks.

A movement with which Orange closes the circle, since now both the three Kangaroo rates, 35, 45 and 50, as additional lines, 9, 19 and 25, provide the ability to connect to networks of last generation, also available all the rates of agreement except the squirrel 7.

As was logical Orange has extended the converged 4G all their options and now being out of the LTE only prepaid customers and the most economical rate contract, the squirrel 7. And it is that all competitors (Movistar, Vodafone and Yoigo) with 4 G offer the possibility of using it with any contract rate.

And for the virtual?

Now that only Orange left out the 4 G to the squirrel 7 users time to talk about the 4 g in virtual. And is that the OMVs time anxiously awaiting their network operators to give them access to the latest generation of mobile telephony, and the more open to this It has always seemed to Orange.

In this sense already ruled Jazztel, which said that it would have 4 G but without giving dates, and Euskaltel, who in the interview we had recently also claimed to have negotiated its use with Orange to sign their agreement by announcing that it had renewed its agreement with the French. Also we will have to wait, probably until clears doubts about the availability of the 800 MHz band.