Orange Improves Its Offer with Simpler Rates That Can Be Supplemented According to Needs

Orange gives the starting gun to updating availability and rates expected during the spring in traditional operators and we accompany it today at a press conference to tell you firsthand all the News is presenting and that they will take effect on Sunday, April 27.

After announcing improved rate European roaming, mobile selling free and the lowering of the multiSIM to share data, Orange also enhance your contract rates rounding them to include VAT and with customer from Spain for Dolphin and whale, eliminates the compulsory permanence If do not want mobile deadlines and premieres new extra bonuses voice, data and messages.

New rate Toucan and other improvements

The most outstanding novelty of the presentation is the new rate Toucan which now replaces Dolphin 16 for new hires with 150 minutes and 1 GB for 19.95 euros But what most characterized it will be the possibility to add more minutes with the new bonus extra + voice.

The rest of mobile rates are also modified for new activations and to rounded monthly dues highlighting the 1 cent rebate the minute in squirrel, including calls unlimited in Dolphin and adding 100 minutes and 100 MB for European roaming in the whale tarifa. Whale 23 will be fee only discontinued no similar alternative between the new rates.

Additional lines for users of Kangaroo, we also have several improvements that leave three alternatives: basic additional with 1 cent min and 500 MB, additional savings with 150 minutes + 500 MB and unlimited with unlimited additional + 1 GB.

Current Orange customers can keep their rates or be changed to new requesting it in 1470.

For complete rates: + voice + MEGS, international SMS and more for 1 euro each extra

With the new offer, Orange bet on a change so that the excesses of the rates and allowances are more practical and penalizing less if really don’t need to make use of them by what has presented the new saving modules for 1 euro each (tax included):

  • +VOZ at the moment it will be exclusive to Toucan rate and automatically adds 60 minutes for 1 euro the 22 cents per minute and 18 of establishment it cost with Dolphin 16.
  • +MEGAS come on by default in all new fees and will have a cost of 1 euro each 100 MB additional although it may be replaced by a reduction to 32 Kbps if you request it previously.
  • Tariffs cease to have SMS included although you can add a bonus of 1000 SMS for 1 euro. If you do not enable the bonus, messages are passed to have a cost of 12 cents/SMS.
  • 1 euro international allows talk to fixed in 57 countries for the same price of your national rate. The destinations included in Europe they are: Germany, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Rep. Czech, Rep. Slovak, Romania, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland; in North America: Canada and United States; in South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, French Guiana, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela; and in the rest of the world is also included Israel, Morocco.
  • Go Europe, which as already detailed in his time, includes a daily if you use your mobile in Europe of 1 euro every 60 minutes and 1 euro fee each 100 MB.
  • It is also possible to add call of 1000 minutes from fixed to mobile for 1 euro extra since the new Babysitting fail to include them by default.

Details of the Orange rates

Rates also available for freelance with exclusive benefits

The new rates are also available for the autonomous concon benefits already included such as free calls between the lines of the company, fixed mobile free, 1,000 minutes to mobile from fixed and a second fixed line free of charge.