Orange Improves with Grow Its Range of Data Roaming in Europe with 100 MB for One Euro and 4G

When we left our borders we are many who opted for directly disable data connection from a mobile phone, since even within European borders navigation can get out one eye of the face, exactly up to 54 cents for each mega we consume.

Now, large operators always have launched proposals to cheapen that sailing abroad, as in the case of Orange with Go Europe. A saving module that so far offered five megs by 1.21 euros but that now improved with more than, Rounding out its price, adding megs and also adding 4G.

The new Go Europe out from the list of supported countries to the United States but in return passes offer five megs for 1.21 euros to 100 Megs for an exact euro, always a day. In addition, customers of Orange that hire this module and whether customers 4G may make use of the 4G network of the company in several countries such as France or United Kingdom.

Out of this bonus the connection of data in European countries has a price of 0.54 euros by mega consumed, so the profitability of this bonus is guaranteed nothing more we consume two megs, so customers of Orange that are intended to make good use of connection in the countries involved should opt for this bonus.