Orange Reaches 200 Municipalities Covered 4G and Hopes to Surpass The 400 to End of Year

Operators remain hot on the heels in the deployment of 4G and although it could seem that Orange It was very back, today confirmed in a press release which also has already reached the 200 municipalities, by placing it close to 220 stocks, Vodafone and Telstra announced recently.

So Orange gets already cover with 4G to 50% of the Spanish population, ensuring a coverage of 90% in the towns where has it been implanted since according to the own Orange, has deployed 25% more nodes than its main competitors. Furthermore it is also able to reach higher speeds at the moment since it dedicates up to 15 MHz of spectrum against a few rivals who have it more saturated.

At the end of 2014, Orange aims to reach more than two-thirds of the Spanish population reaching more than 400 locations covering all provincial capitals and all the populations of more than 50,000 inhabitants, In addition to airports, shopping malls and areas of trade fairs.

The operator is investing in this deployment of 4G plan a total of 1,100 million euros including the renewal of its mobile network, the purchase of spectrum necessary for the provision of these services and own investments in technology 4G which at the moment has resulted in that Orange has with more than one million customers with a terminal 4G and any of its compatible with this new technology contract rates.

Updated map of the 4G in Spain