Orange Responds to Competition with a New 30 MB Fiber Connection

Fixed high-speed connections market seems to be very much alive thanks to deployments of fibre to the home which the various operators, are carrying out each at your own pace. And is that after the movements of Jazztel, new connections, and Vodafone, with the announcement of what will be its connection from April, now is Orange which moves tab.

The movement of the French is not aimed at respond at speeds higher, if not to offer the best option for those not wanting to pay for something that won’t benefit if that want to have a more stable than the ADSL connection, rolling out one new fiber connection with 30 megs of descent and ascent megs 5.

Not all users are looking for a connection of 100 or 200 megabytes, and for this reason that Orange has not played for nothing its offer with 100 megabytes of download but if that has improved the offer of lower speed fiber, which now passes 25 to 30 megs lowering speed, keeping the rise in five megs.

The price and other services included in this connection does not vary, and is that you still have a price of 19.30 euros a month over the 18.15 euros for the line rental, price which remains forever for customers with mobile contract with Orange or a year for the rest, up 12.10 euros after the promotional period.

Same price as ADSL rates Kangaroo

The good news is that this form of fiber connection can be hired with the Babysitting rates at the same price as ADSL connection. In this way by 42.35 euros per month you can hire the fiber connection with a mobile line with 150 minutes and 300 MB (Kangaroo 35) or by 54.45 euros with the mobile line with unlimited calling and 1 GB (Kangaroo 45), in both cases keeping the price forever.

If you opt for the connection of higher fiber, which offers 100 Megs down and 10 Megs of ascent, the fee to pay rises at 12.10 euros, being therefore in 54.45 euros a month for the Kangaroo 35 to 65.55 euros per month for the Kangaroo 45, always being final prices.

Planting face to Jazztel

The movement of Orange aimed to improve its offer of lower-speed fiber is a clear response to recent movements of Jazztel, after announcing a connection with 200 Megs symmetrical also announced the addition to its range of fiber connections with 20 to 50 megs of descent.

In the case of the fiber connection the price of Jazztel is virtually the same as with Orange, 19.30 euros a month for the connection and 18.14 euros for the line rental, but with the first month of the free connection for online recruitment. If the connection It offers 10 megabytes less side down and 2.5 megabytes less for the ascent, Although that if offering a definitive price.