Orange Shall Communicate Their Prices with VAT without Rounding Rates But If The Payment

The national consumption Institute asked operators that will they adapt to Europe communicating their prices with taxes included, at what some companies responded by immediately communicating the prices with VAT in his main message, while others opted to do it in a secondary message.

But in the wake of Vodafone, which took its renewal rates to put round prices with VAT included, and several virtual now is Orange which from the month of February, it shall communicate its prices with taxes included in its main messages, although this will not result in a variation in the rates.

When it became known that consumption had made the request to the operators were several, including Orange, who said that they could not adapt their systems in the marked run to communicate their prices with VAT and to meet promised the French operator will adapt their messages since February.

Now do not expect big changes, Since rates will not change of name, for example the squirrel 7 you will continue to calling so while your monthly premium is 8.47 euros, or for fees but what if you suffer a variation will be fees of payment deadlines for terminals, which will be rounded up if the.

For the time being We don’t have details If this rounding will affect upward or downward, is to imagine that depend on each device, but at least prices to communicate with VAT will give greater transparency to advertising of Orange. Now only missing the other big two, Movistar and Telstra, join.