Orange Still on The Good Path, 95,000 Mobile Lines Contract Further in The First Quarter

In a market in which the virtual and Telstra according to month dominate the uptake of mobile lines Orange It is getting slowly distancing itself from its two large historical rivals, Movistar and Vodafone, since while they are still losing thousands of mobile lines per month the French are having low losses or even profits according to the month.

And now the creditworthiness of Orange in the Spanish market returns to be proven with the presentation of the results of the first quarter of the year. According to their own accounts of French operator would have achieved a growth of almost 100,000 mobile lines of contract.

Orange today announced that during the first three months of 2014, he managed to capture 95,000 new mobile lines of contract, prepaid lines fell 10% year on year, what did you get to March 31 with 12.366.000 mobile lines in Spain. On the same date in the previous year the number of lines grow at a 1.5%, although the more relevant point is that a 73% of the lines belong to the segment of contract, the most appreciated by operators to be a guarantee of income.

High-growth lines of virtual coverage

In the presentation of these results has also been time, as not, to speak of 4 g. Orange assures today reach almost 200 Spanish locations, covering 50% of the Spanish population. The French brand out chest also with the number of customers who already have terminals 4G, more than one million according to the company.

But where can still boast over Orange figures is the number of mobile lines that have virtual operators that provided their coverage. That figure has increased by 71% in interannual terms, to reach 2.688.000 lines. Much of this significant rise comes from Euskaltel attracting with its more than 400,000 mobile lines.

New terminals and rates policy

To continue on the path of growth in Spain and return to shorten distances with Vodafone, the French sought to overcome the British in number of mobile lines but ONO purchase by them makes it more difficult, Orange has been introducing continuous reforms in both their rates and Terminal policy.

Orange has committed recently by the simplification of its tariff offer, already an animal species has only but added a new animal to their particular Zoo, has renounced the stays in fees if the customer declines with a terminal and continues with force by the convergent offers.

As regards the policy of terminals Orange has opted for a very welcome decision, the deliver all their free terminals In addition to release free of charge all their clients. To attract the French users of other operators also have chosen to sell free phones, without the need to be linked in any way.

With all these initiatives, Orange sowing the ground for further growth in Spain, but we will see if to grow more quickly and re-establish their distance with Vodafone Orange opt to pull out the checkbook and done with a smaller operator, such as Jazztel or even Yoigo.