Orange Strengthens Its Rate Worldwide Prepaid Bonus of Up to 2 GB with Speed Reduction

If last week was Vodafone which renewed at full rates for card offer prepaid, this week Orange He also wanted to give a boost to your rate World SIM card providing it with new bonds of optional data to navigate.

World SIM is a fee no mandatory fees aimed mainly at those who call other countries since it allows speak from 1 cent international minute but it may also be a good alternative on national calls for those who tend to recharge regularly since it includes free calls with other users having SIM world (without pay call set-up) to speak for 30 days just to recharge while that for other destinations applies a price of 0 cents per minute (more 18,15 cents of establishment) valid for 7 days after each refill or 8 cents/minute (more 30.25 cents of establishment) If you do not recharge.

Novelty comes for those interested in sailing with this tariff will continue allowing sailing price default 36 cents each 10 MB but in addition, from now will allow hiring one of the available bonds to choose from 500 MB for 6 euros, 1 GB for 9 euros or 2 GB for 15 euros with VAT included. Current bonds for 30 days from the moment of activation that will reduce speed to 64 Kbps in case of exhausting data including.

Prices more than interesting in the case of prepayment, that makes them the cheapest with speed reduction but for now they are limited to the SIM world card. We hope that this is the preamble of the renewal of Orange card rates that are have been become obsolete from the competition.

All the details of the available in Orange prepaid card rates they are the safe way: