Our Site Ready with Danish Music Editing

Streaming service our site is now ready with a music editing on the Danish market, which comes with local recommendations.

We wrote in the middle of the month of may, to music streaming service our site was ready for the Danes and now rearms the further – they are as ready with a Danish music editing.

The editors will make their music to music lovers will have an even better experience using the service. They will make sure that on our sites Danish site is local recommendations, new upcoming talents and play lists, which are adapted to the Danish market.

At the head of the Danish music editors stands Martin M, as in the past, among other things. has been attached to Playground Music, GAFFA and tour manager for Per Verse.

-“For me, this is where a privileged opportunity to tailor music content to the Danes and do away with the pretty much same unilateral music profiles that characterise the Danish commercial radio stations. We must be the preferred alternative, “says Martin Mills in a press release.

Our site has a music catalogue of 25 million numbers.