Parrot Zik – Wireless Headset Features (Product Testing)

TEST: The headset Parrot Zik sounds much better than it looks.

When I first stood with Parrot Zik in hand I thought it was a good enough funny design. More rarely than pretty, you might say. It is, moreover, the Frenchman Philippe Starck who stands behind the design.

Never mind the design of the headset sits uncommon good upside, encapsulates perfectly the ears, reducing drastically the sound from outside noise sources.

Parrot Zik containing DSP (Digital Signal Processing) in order to optimize the soundscape, which sign can be adjusted by the users themselves via an application for iOS and Android.

I find it hard to accurately describe, other than the sound quality is top notch, if one is to a natural reproduction of sound. Parrot Zik has thus not excessive pumping bass, but a far more realistic sound, than what we find in many other headsets.

Focus on noise reduction

As mentioned the earshells sound from the surroundings close out, but it doesn’t stop here. The headset has two microphones placed on the outer part, which picks up the noise around the user. Frequencies that may interfere with the sound are analysed and countered by oncoming acoustic waves.

This so-called Active Noice Cancelling, eliminating up to 25 DB, and it works well.

I have URf.eks. in the test period driving around with an old (rowdy) lawn mower and listened to the music as well as talk, and all the way through has been good and clear sound, without that necessarily should be written sharply up high.


Touch-control and sensor

On the right the hearing capsule is the surface touch-sensitive. Here is a built-in control of the music player.

Move your finger up and down screwed volume up and down, respectively, and transitioning to the next and previous song, by moving your finger horizontally.

Parrot Zik can also be used for conversations. There are also placed a sensor that picks up jaw vibrations that magically, also helps to pick up the speech.

A call can be answered by pressing the right headphone. If the finger is held in the same place in two seconds, the call is rejected.

All this change, of course, not on the fact that the Parrot Zik is a listening and not a voice headset.

The sound quality by conversation, in the end receiving the conversation, is not especially good. And it is also not succeeded at the Parrot Zik to play together with Skype.

Wireless and Corded

The headset will transfer music wirelessly via Bluetooth, and mating can happen with NFC. If this is not enough, also supports connection via a standard mini jack-Jack cable, which is also included in the sales package.

Parrot Zik has the funny detail that when taken by and hung around his neck, then pauses the music until it is taken on again.

All in all a really good headset that sits and reads well – but which, in my opinion, not very nicely.

The suggested retail price is 2,795 kronor, which means that there must be a relatively urgent need, before you throw money at this product. But when you have done so, they are well spent.