Pete Lau Confirmed The Snapdragon 810 and The Possible Price of The OnePlus Two

We still don’t know its date of filing, even if called OnePlus Two, But what we do know is that OnePlus will keep you entertained until your second smartphone officially reach the market.

The Chinese firm is an expert in operating the media machinery, and Pete Lau – CEO and founder of OnePlus – has begun to move information around its next flagship, confirming that It will mount a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset as well as its possible price sales.

The news has jumped as a result of a discussion between Pete Lau and some users of the company through gives the social network Weibo, where CEO OnePlus first praising its OS Oxygen – logical after the break with Cyanogen Inc.-then finish talking about the so-called OnePlus Two.

Snapdragon 810 and the inevitable rise in prices

Is the own Lau who suggested that effectively It will opt for the most powerful family of Qualcomm chipset, Thus at no time denies claims of users in this regard.

However, the controversial 810 Snapdragon opens the debate surrounding options that the manufacturer, handles as you wait for a new SoC that remedy the main criticisms of the 810 could delay the arrival of the OnePlus Two too, and it is easy to think that OnePlus will be looking for how to cut manufacturing cost the most to keep the final price of the terminal , with which speculate with the Snapdragon 808 nor would be unreasonable.

Either way, will not give more turns to the words of Pete Lau, who has also indicated that, assuming a Snapdragon 810 chipset to give life to the device, its price shall not be lower to 2.499¥, something like some reasonable 355 euros at the current Exchange.

For arrival dates already mentioned above around the third quarter of this year are kept, just after the summer, and the conversation can also extract is that there will be a surprise as a fingerprint reader. There is still long, so sure that we will see the OnePlus Two details to pass away your presentation.