Photoshop CC 2015.5: Update Test

Photoshop CC 2015.5 in the test: The version number for the new Photoshop provides a bit of confusion at first glance and suggests a service update. Right beforehand – it is not so-there are many new developments and improvements. First, the Liquify Filter is here to name a few. When the function is invoked, it detects faces in photos and offers assistance with customization form, eyes, nose and mouth. This is done interactively preview about guides or controllers. The filter works with more than one person in a motif and has separate settings for it.

Photoshop CC 2015.5 Update Test
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The cropping of detailed objects can often be a challenge. Adobe has responded and developed our own range. The well-known smart tools for masking is available here. The user chooses between various representations to test and improve the results. These include onion-skin with variable transparency or the black and white display of the mask. In addition, fine details can be selected with a special brush. A new function fits semi-permeable areas and thus removed automatically disruptive light edges. The range is called again for later modification of the masking.

Adobe has built a content-based option for the trimming of motifs. Which is useful when you horizontally align a photo here. The program at hand from surrounding parts of the image automatically fills the missing areas.It works fine in practice on many subjects.
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There are the enhanced support for glyphs in font and typography. There are additional versions of a character in the font indicates Photoshop with a grey box under the letter. The user clicks on it and gets a selection box with the available alternatives. Parallel to access the palette options.Customize themes is much faster and the user sees on glyphs at a glance.Also new is the identification of unknown fonts in bitmaps. The user tagged the section with the Lasso and starts the diagnosis. Photoshop is trying to find a replacement font on Typekit and offers their installation.