Point Pelee National Park

The Point Pelee National Park, established in 1918, is located in the Canadian province of Ontario. The region lies on a headland in the Erisee and is the southernmost point of the Canadian mainland.

Animals of the Point Pelee National Park

The Point Pelee National Park is particularly populated by colorful butterfly species. Here you can also find many migratory and local bird species in the rich vegetation. At thetrail, the Marsh Boardwalk, can also be viewed as a Visitor watch many dragonflies, frogs, herons and turtles.

Landscapes and sights in Point Pelee National Park

The park, which is open all year round, is particularly easy to explore on foot or by bike. Another perspective opens up to the traveler by a trip in a canoe. But also the approx. 20 km long sandy beaches invite you to swim or relax.

The Centennial Bike Trail is a 4-kilometer trail that ends at the visitor center. The majority of the route leads through the forest and along a bit of the beach. Barbecue areas and picnic areas have been set up for guests at various points along the route.
In the visitor center, visitors are offered an exhibition on the various animals and plants in the park. Park rangers work here and are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also watch videos from the park in the visitor center. A gift shop for souvenirs or souvenirs to take home is also located here.

The entire area cannot be traveled by car in summer. You have to park your car at the visitor center and you will then be taken through the park by shuttle buses. The best way to discover the area of ​​the Point Pelee National Park is on foot, on a walk, on a hike or by bike.

The sight at the southernmost point of the park is a special experience. Once there, there is only water to the right and left. Should you arrive here and be impressed, then simply put one hand in the water on the right and one on the left. You will be surprised because the temperature difference between the two waters is around 10 degrees!

However, visitors to the water areas should definitely have sufficient insect repellent with them, because there is a real plague of flies here, especially on hot summer days. The black flies sting painfully until blood flows. Therefore, visitors should also pay attention to the warnings issued by the rangers regarding the biting flies. The visitor center will also be happy to provide information on this. An extra announcement was even set up to inform callers of the current status.

In addition to hikers, observers and lovers of birds and butterflies are particularly enthusiastic fans of the Point Pelee National Park. The beautiful monarch butterflies are very numerous here. The buzzing and fluttering of the animals, some of which appear in swarms, is enormously fascinating. The colorful natural spectacle goes so far that, in autumn, entire tree tops are covered with butterflies.

Visitors can also visit the Marsh Boardwalk. This is a 1.4 km long circular route that leads through a swampy landscape. You walk on wooden footbridges and also cross different lakes. This gives you the unique opportunity to see the water and bank residents up close.

Point Pelee National Park