A new update of Pokemon GO reach our Android devices, in particular the version 0.37 and with her as well as the support for GO Plus bracelet and playing inconsistent with rooted devices, see main new new fellow Pokemon.

Fellow Pokemon a further incentive is that it will encourage us to open the game while we are walking, since now our steps will also help us to get candy for the species of Pokémon that we choose.

It assigns a partner Pokemon

To give your character a partner pokemon just we have to open our player profile, press menu, select Companion and choose that pokemon want to collect candy while we walk.

Walk to get candy from their species

To every pokemon you have to travel a certain distance to get their candy. The distances can be 1, 3 or 5 km.

You change your partner Pokemon

At any time we can change Pokemon by selecting another from the section Companion. When you change partner pokemon will lose the current progress to get candy, will start from the zero kilometer.