Roskilde Festival-Three Must-Have Apps for Android

Are you at the Roskilde Festival and brings a smartphone, so here are three useful applications that can provide a better festival experience.

Are you at the Roskilde Festival and have brought your smartphone, then here’s help to get to a better festival experience-Three Android apps that make your festival a little easier and more fun.

With app´ a short, which is called the Roskilde Festival, you’ll get an overview of the performing bands and the ability to set alerts so you don’t miss anything.

You can also read about the artists and see the map of the festival site and activities.

Roskilde 2013 Live is an app that takes advantage of the argument reality, to show the way around at the festival area.

The application uses the phone’s camera, to show a picture of it you point against – on top of the image displayed graphics that guides you to the toilets, bars, restaurants, WiFi areas, badefaciliteret and much more.

APPetizer guides you through the Roskilde Festival’s 120 bars and eateries. You can find food by searching for specific dishes, price levels and through user reviews.

You will also find descriptions of all the stalls and what food and drinks are offered.