Samsung Again Interspersed between Its Sensors and Sony to Assemble The S6 Camera

Samsung has always been characterized by a very curious detail in its high-end terminals: choose two different suppliers for the same component. In previous models we’ve seen in certain markets opted for a processor as that elsewhere has had an alternative.

The same has happened with the camera. Without going any further, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 came in two flavors: chip Exynos and Samsung camera or with Qualcomm and ExmorRS on the sensor. Until now, we thought that with the Samsung Galaxy S6 This tradition was broken but the first holders of this terminal we are warned that the Koreans are using two cameras.

Different component but same results?

When Samsung introduced the S6 in Barcelona did with the Sony IMX240. A good choice in hardware which, as we saw in our review, has become one of the best cameras for mobile that are nowadays. Everything in order, until they have begun to appear users claiming EU instead of having an Exmor sensor carry one Samsung.

The issue is complicated more when we realize that is the unique components that change in the equation. With the Samsung S6 returned to its Exynos around the world, not just in some countries. Now, users who report having a phone with Samsung sensor are very scattered and a geographical pattern cannot be removed to see if there really is a division as already happened to previous models of the Galaxy S.

The decision probably, there is no official statement by Samsung, is motivated by the production of the sensor and inability to mount it on all the S6 have been manufactured. What is more worrying, and that there is no evidence yet, is if the technology of Samsung quality is as good as the Sony. On paper, they have the same characteristics.

In principle it should not affect drastically, and less when it is an important element in this phone. We will be updating with more news to see if there really is a pattern but currently there are no way to know whether to buy a S6 it will come with a camera or other.