San Valentin TeleCable: Speaks for 0 Cents with Two Numbers TeleCable Forever

Although users increasingly demand more unique rates regardless of the destination and the time, calls to your same carrier frequent numbers they continue to have great weight at the end of the month and for this reason, operators usually opt to implement add-ins in their tariffs that reduce communication with specific numbers of the same operator.

The rates operators low cost including calls to 0 between customers, friends to 0 of Orange or Vodafone VIP numbers are examples to which is added the proposal of TeleCacble for Valentine.

“As an endorsement of Valentine, the users of any rate voice flat may contract before February 14 module”Your frequent 2 × 0.”for no extra cost for always calling to” 0 cents per minute to two numbers TeleCable elected (fixed or mobile) with those who will only pay the call set-up while messages will have a cost of 6 cents/SMS.

In the coming days, we will publish a comparison with all the options for communicate more cheaply with your partner or frequent number.