Seesmic Web Win Support for Multiple Twitter Accounts

With all this commotion in Twitter today with many users tweeting very suspicious updates just because they have spent with the mouse cursor over a malicious link, it is not surprising that more people look for installable clients social network , like TweetDeck or Echofon.

Do not forget, however, that there are also web services like Seesmic offering access to Twitter with a few more features.

One of these features, it was announced today by the development team Web Seesmic – also has installable versions of the service – is the support for multiple Twitter accounts. For example, if you have a Twitter account that actually publishes legitimate updates while you have another account just to participate in promotions (there are people who do that!), This is a good choice.

In addition to work seamlessly with Twitter, avoiding these bugs crazy the web interface of the social network features, Seesmic also allows the user to stay connected to other social networks. Facebook and FourSquare are some of them, ensuring total presence in the large network from in one tool.
It is the tip!