Should The Filter Cloth Profit? The Seen and Unseen for OnLeaks Premium

The world of leaks has always been there, indeed thanks in part to them on many occasions we can offer mobile advances that are still to come, but in recent months the quality of the leaked material has come to such an extent that when occurs a mobile We have already spent weeks knowing every detail.

The filter cloth or leakers therefore are becoming stars in the Android world, increasingly popular people who make the Android world a more exciting and boring at the same time in a disinterested way. But they should profit by leaking unofficial information? Is it fair that they once by marring surprises manufacturers?

OnLeaks… do premium?

@bwreedbgr Nope. @OnLeaks is still open to everyone but Donation is required to get 24 h early preview as an @OnLeaksPremium Supporter.

— OnLeaks (@OnLeaks) April 30, 2015

The fact that has reopened the debate and who has served as inspiration for writing this article is attempting to Steve Hemmerstoffer, creator of OnLeaks, of monetize your leaks with a Premium service, So instead of giving you 10 euros would allow us to see the Tweets of a special profile in which would show all their leaks 24 hours in advance.

As excuse was based on Evan Blass, one of the first filter cloth star network, ended up deciding to leave the scene of the leaks by not getting enough financial support, a problem which according to him all the serious filtrants face ever and has tried to remedy This curious alternative.

I guess that you don’t need to tell you that the reactions on Twitter have been anything but positive, and Hemmerstoffer has received criticism both from his own followers and other leakers of great popularity. This has finished unleashing that Steve good pillase a fly of care and It fulminase a stroke your premium account.

Should they charge the filter cloth?

This abrupt closure not just with the discussion of background on the subject of the filter cloth. Once Evan Blass retired from leaks and looked for another job because I had to pay for the treatment of a disease, but was for money to the end and Cape, and Steve Hemmerstoffer also has left open the door to leave the scene in the future.

Let us remember that we are not talking about photos stolen in the bar of a bar, but leaks of many of the characteristics of devices several months until they are released. Personally I think that even though I am one of the first to look at leaks, they get that presentations of mobile lose interest and lack the element of surprise, which in the long run it just hurting us all.

But it is not my opinion that counts, but yours. They should charge therefore the filter cloth for their work? ¿Extent to which benefit us or harm these leaks? You’d by knowing things that mobile you would expect before anyone else? We leave open questions so that we can give your opinion in the comments.