SkyDrive May Perhaps Not Be Called SkyDrive in Europe

A British Court has ruled that the name “SkyDrive” breaks with BSkyB’s trademark “Sky”.

“SkyDrive” that is the name of Microsoft’s cloud services optimized breaks with the British trademark “Cloud”, and thus can Microsoft be forced to change the name of their service.

It is the company BSKyB, which is partially owned by News Corp., which has brought the case against Microsoft by a British court.

After Friday’s ruling, the judge Justice Sarah Asplin, who must listen to Microsoft’s arguments for an appeal, and then decide what consequences, if any, will be current.

There may be a financial compensation, a prohibition on the use of the name “SkyDrive” or both, as it is seen by earlier trade mark matters, writes the our site.

The decision by the British Court are valid throughout Europe, and Microsoft can thus will have to change the name “SkyDrive” throughout the region, where companies cannot agree on a deal.