Smartphone Accessories: Time for Holiday Preparations

Summer is here, but it can certainly not notice many places in our country.

Not since 1991, we have experienced a June, there were colder than the month will be in years – at least, not if the last week of the month continues in the same way as the three previous ones. Therefore, there are probably many who want to pack your bags and set the direction towards warmer climes! Sand between the toes, a cold drink in the glass and solar on the body – there is nothing more tempting to think about when you sit in the Office one rainy morning in June.

Beach vacation

Two weeks of total relaxation at the sea sounds like the absolute perfect holiday, but we are quite sure that it begins to itch in mobile thumbs after some days. You want to keep in touch with friends and family, and then there will be a Skype conversation there, a Facebook chat here, and of course daily instagramopdateringer with photos of beach and sea and Brown legs. There is much to be said for that you take with your phone or tablet on the holidays.

Your device is guaranteed not just as happy for beach holiday as you are, and it is important to take a few precautions, if you want it to be usable even after you have come home. The most important thing is to ensure protection against splashing water and sand. A small grain of sand may cause annoying damage to the phone’s camera lens or screen, and penetrate the charger openings and make them unusable. You get salt water in the unit can race be completely driven, if you’re unlucky.

What’s summer without music? A waterproof speaker is smart to be with on the beach. We have hand picked some products that we think you will have good utility of on this year’s holiday in the Sun. Keep the device dry with a waterproof pouch.

Waterproof bag

Tag images, read e-books and listen to your favorite tunes on the beach without worrying about the phone. Place it simply in a waterproof pouch or bag. Universal bags (like the one in the picture above) to fit more phone and tablet types, but we also have a large selection of model-specific bags that are customized for each phone or tablet model.
Races not out of power!

Power bank

Are you planning to upload photos every day or finally read the eBook finished, that you have started, you will need to use a little more energy than normal. A solid power bank can prove to be invaluable during the summer. Just make sure you acquire a power bank which withstands weather and wind. Power Bank for outdoor use are more robust than regular external batteries.

MTPs proposal:
Solar-power banks are perfect travel companions, if you intend to take to sunny climes. With these power Bank you can charge Smartphone, digital camera and other devices regardless of where you are.
Music and beach!


Whether the plan is to listen to music while you are working on to be Brown, or whether you want to spice up beach-party in the evening up a bit, then you need a speaker, and would like one that is waterproof. It sounds not cool with a fluent speaker? Yes, they exist, of course, and provides a fun and good atmosphere at poolfesten.


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