So Is The LG G4c, Filtering, Appearance, Specifications and Price of The Youngest Brother of The G4

LG has become to filter one of your devices before time, and once again has been an online store in charge that we can see all the features of a new phone ahead of time, rather than increasingly it is becoming more common and that has already caused headaches to more than one manufacturer.

On this occasion the filtering device has been the G4c LG, a mini version of the latest flagship of the Koreans that will point towards the range of Android entry with a similar appearance of his older brother, but with much less features and a lower price, though far from being as competitive as the main protagonists of these ranges.

So the G4c LG

In terms of specifications, the profile of the mobile in, would have an IPS LCD screen 5 inch with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, which would be accompanied by a processor Quad-Core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage expandable through microSD cards.

The phone also would come with a front-facing camera 5 megapixel to the delight of lovers of the selfies, other 8 megapixel camera with led flash rear and Bluetooth 4.0 technology. And inside we would find ourselves with OS 5.0 Android Lollipop and a battery that will stay at 2.540 mAh.

The truth is that the specifications of this device do not look all wrong, and if it wasn’t for a price that According to the store would reach almost 300 euros We would be talking about a firm candidate to put a dent in the lower ranges.

But I am afraid that by very LG that are and much unified design that recourse to Excel, and even in spite of that it would furnish one of the best cameras of input range, at the end will do little to steal its audience to some devices that offer similar characteristics for half price.