Super Practical Qi-Charger and Power Bank

The first time someone told that they had bought a wireless charger for your cell phone, it was believed they made fun. A charger – Cordless?


Now these wireless gadgets almost become public property, and they are really practical! There are many varieties to choose from, but this week we have selected a very smart version as we want to show off – in addition to charge, it acts also as a power bank! For people to be able to take advantage of the wireless charger option, it is necessary that the phone is QI compliant. Check it in the list of compatible devices, so that you are sure that you can use the charger fully. Some phones require a special charging cover, while others have built in QI. Just put your phone on the charger and the phone charged up – without having to mess with narrow charger ports and cables.


It is of course possible to charge USB-powered devices using USB port on power bank – then you just use any USB cable. To recharge power bank, you use Micro-USB cable that comes with the power bank.

We are talking about a light, yet strong power bank, with a capacity of 10000 mAh battery. It has LED indicators showing the remaining power,