Tablet, Smartphone, or Both?

You are feeling confused to choose between smartphone and tablet? Well, many people can’t decide which one to choose. Both are the gadgets most preferred nowadays. As we know, people are willing to replace their current mobile phone with the new smartphone or tablet. To guide you make the right decision when choosing smartphone, tablet, or even the two, you need to read the comparisons below first.


Both the smartphone and the tablet are portable because you can take them easily to any place. A smartphone is really a more simple laptop. You can even put in your pocket, it has a similar size to the cellular phone common. Meanwhile, the tablet has bigger size. It is commonly as large as a monitor of notebook or much less, which can be stored in the pocket. There are even “phablets”, which are smartphones as well large but not enough to be classified as tablets, and try to get the best of both worlds.


If you want to have more satisfaction to operate all the programs on devices through the screen, a tablet may be better than smartphones, because it has a larger screen. Tablets have up to 10.1-inch size screen (or even more), with resolution high image quality. On the other hand, a smartphone or phablet has sizes between 4-5 inches. The larger screen, more geared to the consumption of media (video and sound, mainly) the unit is.


About performance, both are as powerful as a desktop or laptop computer, because they have their own system and the processor running all the necessary calculations. Generally, the tablets have more RAM memory and processors a little faster, so as to withstand the screen of larger size. Many have, including, a processor dedicated to graphics, in order to improve the processing of videos, images and games. However, it is becoming very common the practice of putting the same processor the top line of smarpthones on tablets, or even processors, the worst. Thus, there are many cases of smartphones as “worse” than some tablets, and has better performance. The tablet also has better performance as a substitute to a PC or notebook. The operating system also impacts a lot on performance, which varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The internal memory for storage is important. Don’t forget to pick up a smartphone or tablet with a lot of internal memory. Even with an expansion card, there are apps that can be installed only in memory, reducing the useful size that you will have at the end of the day



The appearance of smartphones and tablets is stylish and modern. Both of them do not even have any keyboard to allow you to type in something for the sake of the touchscreen. You will be proud to have a, as far as the decor of your home. Smartphone and tablets are mostly black, grays or white. But there are also some brands that have different colors and can be customized, either direct with the manufacturer , or through special covers.


Talk about the price is important before you decide to choose between smartphone and tablet. The Smartphone is probably cheaper than the tablet. But, in truth, it depends on your brand and type. Some types of smartphones have good prices cheap and affordable. Meanwhile, there are tablets that are priced too expensive and the setup of them is much worse than a smartphone. You can have a tablet, worse than a smartphone intermediary, if do not take care to research and test the appliances before you buy.

Personal Considerations

We all love our smartphones and tablets, there’s little doubt about that. To make things worse, the huge amount of things that you can do with these devices, it is absolutely amazing and makes us love them even more. However, there’s this question that keeps popping up inside our heads: “There is a place for a tablet in the life of a smartphone user?”

Think about it: imagine the lifestyle of millions and millions of people around the world who go to their places of work, where they work on computers or do some other activity, then come home and watch TV or mess on their personal computers. Now imagine that all of these people have smartphones good performance, ready to load any site or application that they want. Where is that tablet fits in this scenario? Whatever your tablet can do, the smartphone can do as well as you.

It is much more comfortable to use a tablet than a smartphone for some things but are the benefits large enough to offset the need to carry a second device? Because, surely you’re not leaving your smartphone at home. Not to mention that men, especially, may not only put the tablet inside a bag and forget it there, because, well, men rarely use the bags. If you are a woman, sure, you can put it in your bag and you can have a tablet with you wherever you go, but it is not so simple for those of us who love to watch sports and drink beer with friends.

And let’s say that you found a way to carry your tablet comfortably. When you will have the opportunity to use it in place of your smartphone when away from home, especially if it is a tablet without 3G? Of course, you can always create a personal hotspot, but why go through all this, when you can just give a look on your smartphone? Keep in mind that the main use cases for tablets include access to news, weather forecast, e-mail and social services. You can easily do all this with your smartphone and without too much loss of comfort in that.

Final Considerations

We are far from thinking that there is no place for tablets as a whole. On the contrary, for a person who travels frequently, a tablet can be the ultimate solution to mobile computing. The compact size and light weight easily make the tablet the preferred device when you have to carry a ton of other things with them.

The question that bothers us is different: how much benefit do you see in having a smartphone and/or tablet, if you are not traveling a lot? Most of us already have desktop computers or even notebooks. Do you think that buying a device is justified if you can already do what you want to do on your smartphone or computer? Will be that that portability of the tablet device in your home will really make a difference in the entertainment of the family?

The answer is certainly not simple, and depends on a number of factors, but let’s hear what you think! How have you integrated the tablet into their daily routine? What use you give the tablets? Think you can live with just a smartphone, OR smartphone, or need both?