Tested: Cheap Supermobilen Zuk 2

Hope you find a top mobile phone at a fraction of the price to directly import it may be Lenovo Zuk Z2 to look for.

We have all heard of the mythical peak cell phone at a fraction of the normal price. The one that just sold in China, but that you can order directly from there and get a phone as good as a top model from Samsung or Sony, but for less than half price.

One could argue that Oneplus 3 is the cell phone, and you can order it directly from their website, with Swedish money, without the hassle of private imports. But with a 5.5 inch large screen, it is not a phone for everyone.

And this is where Zuk Z2 comes in, for it is precisely the snorbilliga Kinaspecifika top model we always hope for. The manufacturer is not so obscure as it first may seem. Zuk is a subsidiary and low price brand under Lenovo, here in Europe, otherwise mainly sell mobiles of Moto series as it got when it bought Motorola’s mobile production of Google.

So we got an offer from the kinesiskbaserade Web store our site if we could get a test copy of Zuk Z2 be us against that we properly links to their product page for the model, we accepted. The phone there is, one can mention, buying with other retailers.

High performance at low price by cheap design you can think of, but doesn’t feel cheap Zuk Z2. On the contrary, I respond that it is right to leak when I take it out of the packaging. It is also clearly “inspired” by the Iphone 4 in their design. And not just in the design, we will notice.

Glass, metal or plastic? I have guessed wrong so many times when it comes to the choice of materials in mobile phones to you not to trust me, but I think that the front and back sides are glass and plastic, albeit right robust. There are not a lot of splices or moldings, and the glass is subtly rounded.

If, as we on the editorial staff, tested as many Android mobiles that we got used to that everything is the same, it is a mild shock to launch Zuk Z2, for here is nothing like. Or, it is, but it is the Iphone we recognize, not Android. Zuks user interface is the most Iphonifierade we’ve ever seen on an Android phone.

Most obvious, of course, is the home button, which admittedly is not round like the Iphone but elongated, but containing fingerprint reader and doubles as a multitasking knapp at the double-tap. Back button? Do the Iphone but so do it first seems Zuk also as.


This is surprisingly unfamiliar on your Android phone and thinking that it should not go to get Android to work without the back button. But I haven’t actually been able to find any app that doesn’t work, there always seems to be a way to bypass the problems. In some applications, you can come back in other ways, others get a back arrow in the upper corner, as on the Iphone. There are certainly individual apps that have problems, but for the most part it works. However, this is an aside, for it turns out that the back function certainly is there, in the home key. You tube just at it without pushing it.

Zuk has certainly managed to make the home button to the multifunction button by using fingerprint function. You can configure what should happen if you keep at it for a long time without pushing, or for that matter sweeps to the sides (this is the default switch between previous and next app. I like it sharp!

Another Applifiering is that you swipe down from the top of the screen are alerted but no quick settings. They get you so clear if you swipe up from the bottom of the screen instead.

Are you looking for a mobile bloatwarefri you’ve come to the right place. Zuk Z2 is so stripped of apps from the start that you don’t even have an email app from the start. All you want is to download the course. Do you prefer to get things served, it can be a little dicey, but if you want to configure your mobile yourself you will like Zuk Z2.

The phone is distributed not in Sweden, but you can still choose Swedish as the language. The result is an occasionally remarkable blend of Swedish, often broken English, and, in case of emergency, Chinese. Keyboard and spell checking is on Swedish, and don’t have a problem with the English in the settings menus, it is mostly a fun curiosity.


In addition to the calculator, compass and a cloud service in Chinese that you don’t need to worry about, it is pretty much the only system-critical applications on the mobile. 52 GB storage is available on the 64 GB version I was testing, but the memory card slot is missing. There are, however, two sim card slots to attach more than one mobile phone number to your phone.

It is the performance we have come with the Zuk 2, and performance we get, results in the top of most performance tests we run. The screen does not have the highest resolution, but at five inches you need anyway not more than full HD. It feels sufficiently bright for most needs.

Another interesting detail is that with Z2 Zuk added a extrastort battery 3500 mAh. It is also seen on the battery life is really good in our tests. Despite this, then, is the cell phone not very thick or heavy.

Nothing is perfect, and in this case, the camera is not. The photos look in and of itself quite okay on both mobile and computer screen, with good color reproduction, but can not stand to be zoomed into the detail that we have grown accustomed to mobile cameras actually do.It’s not a bad camera, but the parent company Lenovo has demonstrated that it can better even in cheap mobiles with Moto G4 Plus.

However, it is more a small beauty spot than a genuine disappointment, and, taken as a whole, may I say that Zuk Z2 not only meets but exceeds the expectations I had on the phone. Yes, this is terrific value may be the top model where you’ve been looking for.

On the other hand

Erik M: I associate design and material rather to a glossy Microsoft mobile than the Iphone, but agree that the interface to some extent is Iphone-inspired, with some odd extensions. As the meter which continuously displays the data rate at the top of the screen. Insanely bad, however, is the addition to the home screen has a built-in advertising. The screen is filled directly when I start the phone with a full page ad from the tenants ‘ Association. It is välidgt hard to accept.I annoys me even on the entire screen with Chinese text I sometimes face.

Questions and answers

There is also a Pro Zuk, the Z2 must surely be even better?
It is actually a completely different phone, with similar specifications.Main difference is that it has a Amoledskärm instead of IPS display.

See all Swedish bands on mobile?
No, not LTE bands 20 used for 4 g by Three and Telia of Sweden. So with the operators, you can get a little bit worse 4 g coverage outside the cities.

How much does mobile really?
At our site, you can as of this writing, get it for 2150 dollars, which is with a 33 percent discount, but then you should expect that you will probably have to pay VAT and duty on it, so the lands of approximately 3000 crowns. Other places may have different prices.

A Cheaper alternative: top model

As of this writing costs Sony Xperia X Performance 5500 SEK.Depending on what price you can find and how much you pay the tariff need not be so much more expensive than Zuk Z2. Also, is it waterproof.