The 9 Best Smartphones Android That Chose to MediaTek

Today we have seen how MediaTek He has presented its new mobile processor for devices stop range. His name is Helio X 20 and behind it is an architecture that we hadn’t seen so far on phones and tablets. Ten cores, you have read correctly, make up this SoC inside. Three clusters (4 + 4 + 2) to give power to the gadgets that you’ll see in the coming months.

While Qualcomm has been the representative more media in Android, MediaTek has also found its place. Apart from entry or mid-range terminals, It has a few representatives that very interesting and that they have nothing to envy lead to which Americans chips. Their problem is that they are shy and not have left much for the rest by Europe and America.

I live 5 X Max L

At the end of year live presented the X 5, a phone with more than four millimeters thick. That model was riding a Snapdragon 615, but a few months later, they announced the live 5 X Max L. A slightly thicker version (5.1 mm) but where the Qualcomm chip gave rise to a chip from eight cores of MediaTek, which, compared to the benchmark, is more powerful.

In addition to a MediaTek chip, it carries a screen of 5.5 inches and Full HD resolution, 2GB of RAM and 16 of internal memory expandable with microSD. It is not the most powerful thing with MediaTek, but its specs are really good. It will begin to put on sale soon in China and some neighboring countries.

Oppo R7

Oppo has one of the most attractive phones to it that far this year. With some impossible frames thanks to Crystal 2. 5 d, have a mobile is not only design, will also take a MediaTek processor, specifically the eight most powerful cores that have now: 6795 MT.

Do not yet know all the details (the official announcement will be made next May 20) but thanks to the latest leaks we know a little about it: quick charging system, reader traces, screen Full HD… It promises to be one of the most interesting terminals and this time they are running that also arrive beyond China.

LeTV One

LeTV made much noise with their phones and a very unfortunate marketing but is impossible to deny that the three terminals that have been presented are very interesting. Impeccable design, very thin frames and good choice of materials. The icing on the cake puts it the MediaTek Helios X 10, a chip that for the time being we have seen very few terminals.

Long ago I have all your specifications in the blog. A priori, a phone with few Lakes and much to offer for a price that will be the 300 euros. The bad news, as most phones on this list, is that we will not see it here since at the moment the adventures of this manufacturer are limited to the local market. In China, if.

Telephone Vowney

Telephone they are another manufacturer who is giving much to talk about. In addition to a few affordable terminals, recently presented its new ship logo: Vowney. Another terminal that takes the MT6795 but which also hides a lot of virtues within its aluminum body, beginning with a price that will rock the 280 euros to change.

What does special to Vowney? 4GB of RAM, 32 storage, display with QHD resolution of 5.5 inch, a 21 megapixel camera, the possibility of using several ROMs at the same time by default and, finally, a 3,850 mAh battery. We may not see it distributed officially but certainly will be seen by China online stores.

Meizu MX4

Meizu is already a manufacturer of popularity in China at this point. Already going by its fourth generation of MX, which have been its ship insignia, and the current model (presented in the last quarter of 2014) has not just lost interest, despite being a terminal that has almost half a year behind him. Your processor, of course, is a MediaTek of eight cores, but on this occasion a MT6595 2.1 GHz.

Care design, competitive specifications (3GB of RAM, PowerVR on the GPU, screen Full HD) but with the same problem as other phones in this list, it is very difficult to see him by Spain. The good news, that Yes, it is easier to find than other brands and that we seek will have the most basic model by more than 200 euros. To this day, is still a very good choice, better than which launched with Ubuntu.

CoolPad X 7

CoolPad X 7 is a terminal of the most interesting of which we find a variant with Qualcomm (Snapdragon 801) chip or with MediaTek)MT6595). May his name be not very inspiring but its specifications, design and price (around 300 euros) make it a very interesting phone.

Account with 2GB of RAM, 16 storage and an aluminum body with Golden hues. The rear camera is 13 megapixels and we find the only downside that comes with Android 4.4 KitKat and at the moment there is no update to Lollipop. By removing this small detail, a smartphone with good value for money.

Alcatel OneTouch Idol X +

Alcatel, better known as TCL in China, was one of the first producers to bet on eight cores of MediaTek chips. The result was pretty good: high quality screen, finish and a processor that was carving in a range as competitive and difficult to highlight such as intermediate terminals.

Once they came out with a price of 300 euros and it is now easy to find it for less. One of the first eight-core We test and a terminal that was worth take a look at the time. It has not aged poorly, but today Alcatel has better options.

Lenovo Vibe X 2

Lenovo it costs leave China if we talk about mobile phones. Its most interesting models arrive in a very discreet way and a good example of this is the Vibe X 2. He made his debut in el paso in October with a MediaTek processor, specifically a MT6595 eight-core with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

Their performances were good but Lenovo considered that It was not the time to launch it beyond its market. Perhaps this year we have a little more than luck but all indications are that they will remain fairly tight with the mobile and we will not just see representatives.

HTC One E9 +

The launch of the HTC One + E9 was strange. The phone came to improve One M9 specifications but the reality is that while it is true that got more resolution, gave a step backwards in design and in addition maintained the problem its other flagship camera.

It is striking that change also stays outside Qualcomm processor and use a MediaTek MT6795. A curious terminal but, at first glance, not enough to be a reference (the camera penalized you), probably with chip change everything to do with the high temperature of the Snapdragon 810 is determined.