The Characteristics of The Mi5 and Mi5 Plus, Seep Xiaomi High-End Is Coming

Xiaomi still willing to put a dent in the market based on launch devices increasingly interesting, and if you do just a couple of weeks knew his new Mi4i, have been leaked today a mid range with display of 5 inches FullHD, octacore 615 Snapdragon CPU and 2 GB of RAM, the first features of their impending high range.

And come in pairs, one increasingly common thing in the Smartphone market. The new beast of Xiaomi, according to Gizmochina, will be a Mi5 with 5.2-inch display, which is scheduled to make his appearance during the month of July with his older brother, an Mi5 Plus whose screen will grow to six inches, both with specifications that will give much to talk about.

Xiaomi Mi5 and Mi5 Plus, first specifications

Gizmochina has released these data of the Chinese social networking Weibo, which suggests that the Mi5 will equip a processor Snapdragon 810, with 3 or 4 GB of RAM, a rear camera 16 Megapixel and 3,000 mAh battery, all of this as we have said, with 5.2-inch display and a fingerprint scanner.

His older brother, the Mi5 Plus, would come with the aforementioned 6 inch screen, which would have a 2K resolution and would be presented with a design without frames. The processor would be the same, the RAM would be 4 GB While the internal would be 32 GB, and the back camera also it would reach 16 megapixels and would include image stabilizer.

Xiaomi Mi5 leaked for the first time in January this year, and then it was rumored a Snapdragon 805 processor. It seems that the main intention of Xiaomi with this device is the of provide the best possible specifications, a phone that has a muscle at the height of the large ship logo on the market but try to be measured with them using as bait a set price. In any case, there is less out of doubt.