The Mobile of Xiaomi Not Take MicroSD for a Reason: You Break Very Fast

If ever you have seen a Xiaomi phone, you’ve probably noticed that most of their models do not have slot microSD to expand the memory. For many it is a disadvantage to not use a card to dump there files and download the ROM of the device. Everything has an explanation and Hugo Barra, Vice President of the company has come out to explain what this Chinese manufacturer not bet on this tray giving so much to talk about.

Behind all this there is a simple reason, it may not like everyone but bar is right: the microSD cards we use are usually, a very poor quality. Over time, explained in an interview with Engadget, they end up spoiling and at the end who load the guilt of its malfunction is mobile and not the memory manufacturer.

Removable batteries or memory cards

Bar, explains the trend is that the microSD card end up disappearing. In high-end devices it makes good sense, but those who still have a very small capacity)8GB already sound a little) can still have a niche and even to be necessary. In any case, the argument that Hugo wields is simple but overwhelming and, says, is not conditioned by work in Xiaomi. He believes that Google should also defended that position.

The interview also uses to talk about the extinction of another component: removable batteries. Every time it makes less sense, and there is less demand for users who want to change this component on their mobiles. In fact, if we take a look at the market we see how every time there are fewer models that include a function that sacrifices design to add functionality that is already claimed both.

With external batteries increasingly affordable and designed for all tastes and preferences, it makes more sense to bring one of these to a charger over to look for a plug. More difficult to see the death of the microSD card, something that could occur if the modest terminal manufacturers decide to bet at some point by internal memories of more capacity.