The new WordPress 2.0 for Android is Even Better

For those who have a blog that runs on WordPress platform now have another reason to write articles of any place. Previously in the article here on the site has been submitted to the WordPress for Android and also the WordPress for Symbian, which runs on Nokia phones.

Now the version 2.0 of WordPress for Android comes with new innovations that make the app really useful and easy to use. In addition to having an interface more fluid with the focus on the action, and in the sequence of activities that occurs during a post, new options were created for image manipulation, such as alignment, for example.

WordPress 2.0 for Android now loads faster and have a “Quick Bar” for access to the functions most commonly used during a post.

There is also support for larger screens such as tablets. To write large texts on the mobile phone it is always something complicated as dealing with small keyboards, dividing the space on the screen with what we want to see can be very discouraging. For this use a tablet to write is certainly a lot more productive than using a mobile, without losing anything with respect to mobility.

I write every day, but still not got used to it with no publishing tool from the phone. Who knows it will not be now?

The video below quickly shows some of the new functions of the application.

Like? Visit the page of WordPress in the Android Market and get to know more about the tool. Test on your mobile phone and leave your impressions in the comments. If you have a tablet like the Galaxy Tab or even the iPad (in another version of WordPress), your impressions are also welcome!