In the sector of the PC game, one of the companies with greater recognition is CD Projekt RED, creators of the digital store Good Old Games and the saga of The Witcher fantasy. This saga, acclaimed by critics and audiences, has many fans, and have now decided to expand the series so a new genus in the saga as leaving mobile.

Thus, they have announced The Witcher Battle Arena, a free game mobile whose particularity is that it is of the genus Massive Online Battle Arena, or MOBA, a genus very little used in mobile phones. For those who are unfamiliar with genre, games as League of Legends, Dota 2 or Smite the most significant games of the genre.

So far very little is known of the specific content of the game. Firstly, we know that it is a free to play, What remains to know how will be the micro-payments, whether by something purely aesthetic or accessing characters ahead of time as in the other games, or whether it will be by enhancers in game, something that makes no sense in competitive games.

The other information that has come to light is that the game will be available in the fourth quarter of the year, What still will have to wait a while to be with him. It will be interesting if they will do that headings are shorter, as it is not feasible to be more than half an hour in a game with your phone or tablet.