Tourism in Turkey

Tourism in Turkey

Turkey has all the necessary conditions for the accommodation of tourists. The main tourist centers offer accommodation in numerous hotels, boarding houses, campsites on the coast.

According to thedresswizard, Turkey is a country created for outdoor activities. You can take part in rafting – rafting down a mountain river on rubber rafts. And Pamukkale, “cotton castle”, the eighth wonder of the world! A huge white mountain with healing springs and Cleopatra’s pool, plunging into the waters of which, of course, you will acquire eternal beauty and youth, like the famous queen.

Night life!
The famous “eternally dancing” cities of Marmaris and Bodrum with chic discos and entire streets of bars, clubs and karaoke pubs, where people dance, holding hands, national Turkish dances. They are also adjacent to more romantic cafes on the embankments with live music – a haven for lovers, where it is so pleasant to dance under the delightful southern stars after a glass of wine.

The widest selection of hotels and apartments, the optimal combination of high quality services and reasonable prices turn your holiday into a wonderful fairy tale. If we talk about the system “Including everything”, adopted in many hotels, it should be noted that it is only a small part of Turkish hospitality. This is one of the pleasant surprises that both hotels and their guests liked, thanks to which you will not need a wallet throughout your stay.

These are five meals a day, unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, amazing cakes and muffins, as well as a Turkish bath, sauna and many other services. Unforgettable impressions will remain in memory for a lifetime only if you see this amazing corner of the world with your own eyes. Turkey is waiting for you.


A unique place in Turkey, which tourists from all over the world tend to visit. Spread out on the mountain slopes, white terraces with thermal waters flowing down them are called “cotton castle”. This amazing phenomenon, created by nature, is sometimes called the “eighth wonder of the world.” The mineral springs that still flow to this day, forming snow-white limestone deposits over the centuries, have enabled people not only to marvel at the unprecedented possibilities of nature, but also to use them for medicinal purposes.

The mineral waters of the terraces do wonders for your health – they relieve tension and stress, have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, skin and stomach diseases, treat rheumatism and osteochondrosis, and rejuvenate your body. The pool with mineral water, the temperature of which is 36 degrees, will not let you forget this trip. But not only this attracts the attention of travel lovers. You can immerse yourself in the ancient era by entering through the gates of the great Roman emperor Domitian into the ancient city of Hierapolis, preserved from the time of the Kingdom of Pergamon.

See the largest Necropolis in Anatolia, the Agora, get an idea of ​​the Roman bath, the progenitor of modern Turkish baths, feel the atmosphere of the ancient theater, walk along the streets where the Apostle Philip himself stepped. During this tour you can take baths, appreciated by Cleopatra herself, take a fascinating walk through the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis, where the Roman emperors came to improve their health.

An excellent tour guide will keep you entertained during this two-day trip. And a stop at a beautiful hotel will please you with an evening performance and give you the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate for new experiences. Tell everyone that you were in Turkey by showing photos and videos of a fantastic place – Pamukkale.

Dalyan resort

In close proximity to the Dalaman airport is the small resort of Dalyan. Its beach areas are distinguished by unique vegetation and cleanliness, however, like the entire coast of the country. Rare species of birds nest in Dalyan, as well as Nile turtles and individuals of the carriage-carriage species live and lay their eggs. Here you can also see the ruins of the historical city of Kaunos and the Lycian tombs, which are admired even by seasoned travelers. The territory of Dalyan is completely cut by small rivers and tributaries, which is why the resort is proudly called the “Turkish Venice”. Tourists, if possible, go for walks on special boats.

A favorite place for tourists is Iztuzu beach, 4 km long, with a characteristic gentle entrance to the sea. The best advertisement for this zone is that it is here that the turtles mentioned above, which do not live in poor environmental conditions, arrange a rookery. These animals are so friendly that they feast on goodies from the hands of vacationers. And on a moonlit night, you can watch small turtles nimbly running to the sea. Rare blue crabs also live on the coast.

Due to the mild Mediterranean climate, weeping willows and coniferous forests, tropical flowers and a rare amber tree, palm trees grow in Dalyan. Among the entertainments that are in demand, it is worth noting yacht trips followed by fishing on the high seas. Chefs at coastal restaurants will graciously agree to prepare a culinary masterpiece from a successful catch.

Dalyan is famous among tourists for its thermal springs. Even Queen Cleopatra rested here and gained strength. Historical facts indicate that in the 1st century BC. on the site of the modern resort there was a mud bath healing Roman soldiers. Today, tourists can take mud baths or showers based on thermal water and get a boost of energy. Particular attention is paid to the hot (+39 degrees) spring located under Mount Olmez, which is in the vicinity of the city. It is enriched with radon, calcium chloride and sulfides.

Dalyan is built on the ruins of the ancient city of Kaunos dating back to the 11th century. BC. The main part of the ruins has not yet been explored, but even today you can see a spacious amphitheater, the remains of Roman baths and a Byzantine basilica, part of the fortress wall. The Lycian tombs of the 2nd century BC are unique in their essence. BC, carved into rock ledges. The Lycians buried their ancestors on a hill so that the bird spirits would take them to the sky faster.

Tourism in Turkey