Travel story from Bali

Travel story from Bali

After a 20-hour trip, I finally got to feel the tropical warmth and lovely scents that would be my travel companions throughout my tour.

I had an exciting vacation ahead of me, and I rejoiced in advance of the many experiences to come.

Balinese, who practice mainly Hinduism, are known for their hospitality. The traveler is greeted with a smile everywhere.

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My tour started in Ubud, the art capital of Bali. The city is full of galleries with stunning paintings and crafts on display. Ubud is also known for its monkey forest. Walking through the streets of the monkey forest, you soon get the feeling that monkeys are similar pets to locals as cats are to us. But even though the monkeys look cute, it’s not worth poking too close to them under any circumstances.

My itinerary in Bali was full. I was especially impressed by the spectacular bike ride in the middle of the rice fields surrounding Batur Volcano. The road was mostly downhill, but you could also drive on the terrain. I will never forget the smell of rice fields. Along the way, I also got to taste the famous Luwak coffee. For a coffee lover, it was an absolute experience.

The experience was also an exciting rafting trip on the Ayung River. The riverfall was a tremendous mix of a stomach-tickling adventure and a leisurely enjoyment of the scenery. Going through the waterfalls was especially refreshing!

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Naturally, I wasn’t going to miss the many fascinating Hindu temples on the island. Everywhere were seen small baskets filled with rice and flowers, which local families bring to the temples in the mornings as an altar gift. Both Pura Besakih, known as the “Mother Temple”, and Tanah Lot Sea Temple were absolutely incredibly beautiful.

An animal friend in me also got value for money on a tour. In addition to the Ubud monkeys, I was constantly bonging the monkeys from the car window. I didn’t even know that monkeys love swimming and also know how to fish in the morning ocean! A dolphin safari in Lovina was a memorable experience. Dolphins swim in the bay early in the morning in search of breakfast, allowing them to be seen really up close from the boat. I could even hear the special noises they let out while breathing. Simply an unforgettable experience.

Gastronomic experiences were also on offer every day. Nasi Goreng, Bami Gore and Babi Guling, a little pig grilled in Balinese style – always found something new and exciting on the menus of the restaurants. Of course, the dishes of “Western” cuisine were also represented.

Travel story from Bali

The last stages of my tour were Sanur and Seminyak. The cities are very tourist friendly and attract large numbers of holidaymakers.

In Seminyak, I got to swim in the Indian Ocean and soon discovered why the place attracts surfers from all over the world.

Bali is an exciting blend of hospitality, culture, history, exercise and relaxation by the pool or by the sea. Definitely worth a visit!

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