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Dry Bridge Market

Georgia has over 5,000 years of agricultural history behind it and gives you the opportunity for a completely unusual cultural experience. The country offers everything from snow-capped hillsides and beautiful rivers that flow through the country, to ancient churches and castles that jut out all over the country. The country’s rustic and authentic look gives a feeling of being back in time, as many castles and palaces stand exactly as when they were built.

Tourist Travel allows you to experience Georgia’s cozy cities, the country’s ancient capital and unique cave cities. A journey through the country takes you to local wineries and ends in the mountainous Caucasus, which is a long and wide system of mountain ranges that have its location between the Black and Caspian Seas. Georgia’s nature is very special and is only topped by the historical narrative that hides in every corner.

Georgia is part of the Caucasus countries, which include Georgia, parts of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Georgia must be said to be one of the most beautiful of the four and has a long historical narrative, allowing you to have a completely unique cultural experience.

At Tourist Travel, we offer trips to Georgia that take you far and wide around the country’s many hidden gems. Among other things, you get the opportunity to taste local wines, see Stalin’s hometown and explore ancient cave towns. Traveling to Georgia is a cultural experience without equal, for which you must not deceive yourself.

Climate and weather in Georgia

Contrary to what one might expect from a Georgia trip, the country offers a subtropical climate with summer temperatures up to 31 degrees. The hot climate in the low-lying areas is due to the Caucasus Mountains in northern Georgia, which shield from the Siberian cold.

In the Caucasus Mountains, it’s a whole other talk; here it rains a lot of rain and snow, which means that on trips to Georgia you can enjoy the view of many small breathtaking glaciers. During the winter months, the temperatures in the low-lying areas reach zero, while the temperatures in the mountains vary depending on where you are.

You must experience this in Georgia

Stalin’s old museum

In the middle of the town of Gori you will find Stalin’s old museum, where you can get an insight into his life from childhood to his time as head of state in the Soviet Union. Next to the museum you will also find Stalin’s personal train carriage, which he used for his travels when he was reportedly afraid to fly.

Unfortunately, most of the material at Stalin’s old museum is only in Georgian / Russian, but the museum offers a lot of pictorial material that any history buff will fall into spells on trips to Georgia.

If you have time, make sure to wander around the city of Gori, which is Stalin’s birthplace. This is where he grew up and went to school, and it’s an experience not to be missed on trips to Georgia.


Uplistsikhes is an ancient cave city that you can experience on trips to Georgia. The cave city, which is carved in the rocks, developed from the 6th century BC. to the 1st century AD. to be a political and religious center.

As you walk through the cave city, it can be hard to believe that the city, when it was at its peak, housed up to 20,000 people. The earliest inhabitants are said to have been farmers who cultivated the land around the town.

If you visit Uplistsikhes during your trip to Georgia, be sure to explore the cliffs and feel the buzz of history. Do not deceive yourself for a look out over the Mtkvari valley, which the cave city towers over.

Dry Bridge Market

When visiting Georgia’s capital Tbilisi on trips to Georgia, take a stroll past the city’s Dry Bridge Market, where you can get everything your heart desires – whether you’re into antiques or just want to satisfy your hunger with a local dish.

In the first part of Georgia’s independence, the market was used by locals to sell off their possessions to have enough money to survive. Unfortunately, this is still the case for some of the locals on the market, but for most stallholders today it is their livelihood.

As a tourist, you can expect to pay more than the locals, but if you know how to haggle with the price, and you may have even learned a few Russian words, then you will go a long way.

Cities to experience Georgia


When traveling to Georgia, it is almost impossible not to miss the country’s capital Tbilisi, also known as “little Paris”. The capital is beautifully sloping down towards the Mtkvari River. A river that starts in eastern Turkey and continues all the way out into the Caspian Sea.

The capital has been through a revolutionary time, where it has been occupied by Arabs, Turks and most recently Russians. This is reflected in the architecture, where old houses with charming wooden balconies meet concrete blocks from the time of the Soviet Union, which you can experience on trips to Georgia.


As such, Kakheti is not a city but a wine region in Georgia known for its wine production. It’s hardly the first thing you think of when you think of Georgia, but the country nonetheless has an absolutely amazing wine production.

When traveling to Georgia, do not miss a visit to one of the many wineries in the area, where you can be allowed to taste the Georgian wine – here you get quality for the money.


Juta does not seem like much at first glance, but it is a completely unique opportunity to see how life to this day is still lived in the countryside of Georgia. The city is located at an altitude of 2,200 meters, and on the way up you will be greeted by a landscape that alternates between lush meadows, mountains and hills.

If you go through Juta on the journey to Georgia, behind the city you will be greeted by a clear view of the Chaukhi Mountains, which consist of more than 14 peaks. It is a completely unique view that you must not deceive yourself about when traveling to Georgia.

Types of Travel in Georgia

Cultural trip in Georgia

Do you love history and culture? Then do not deceive yourself for trips to Georgia, where you will be allowed to explore Stalin’s birthplace, visit ancient cave cities and explore the capital, which is also called “little Paris”.

Questions and answers

What is the Currency of Georgia?

The currency you need to travel to Georgia is called “Lari”. 1 Lari corresponds in 2020 to approximately 1.9 DKK.

When in the year should I travel to Georgia?

You can travel to Georgia at any time of the year. If you want slightly warmer temperatures, go for the late spring or summer months. Here the temperatures can reach as high as 31 degrees in Georgia.

What should I buy home from Georgia?

No, as such there is no dress code you have to abide by when traveling to Georgia. If you visit a religious place like a church, then as a woman you must remember to cover your head, shoulders and legs. If you are a man, you must also make sure to cover your legs.

Dry Bridge Market