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With a trip to Ireland, you get the opportunity to experience the unique nature that spreads over the surface of the country. Everywhere green landscape appears to you and creates an idyllic and peaceful tranquility over the country. Ireland also goes by the name ‘The Green Island’, which is due to the unspoiled nature which can give you some amazing pictures and memories from your holiday. Hospitality and friendliness are essential factors when visiting the Irish people, who are always ready to welcome you and help you with whatever you need.

Ireland is known for its breathtaking nature and a hospitality that is hard to compete with. The green island that Ireland is often referred to as has a unique nature that offers green hills, beautiful rock formations and mountain lakes in a wealth of shades. The beautiful scenery combined with the mild climate makes Ireland the perfect destination for hiking.

In addition to nature experiences, travel to Ireland also offers a wealth of cultural experiences. With Tourist Travel you can start your Ireland journey with a multi-day hike through the Irish countryside and end it in vibrant Dublin. For example, join us on the Wicklow route and end the trip in Dublin, where you can experience the Irish pub culture up close.

Weather and climate in Ireland

Despite the country’s northern location, Ireland offers a surprisingly mild climate, where it rarely gets too hot or too cold. In the winter months you will experience an average temperature of 7-10 degrees, where the country in the summer months reaches 18-20 degrees. The mild climate makes the country perfect for hiking in Ireland’s unspoilt countryside.

When traveling to Ireland you are likely to experience precipitation. The country has an average of 224 mm. precipitation per year. The precipitation is well distributed throughout the year, but peaks in August. The right amount of rain is the reason why the country can offer the breathtaking green landscape that you will experience on your travels to Ireland.

Cities to experience in Ireland


Dublin is the capital of Ireland and a mecca for cultural experiences. Here you can get lost in galleries, niche shops and get a taste of Irish hospitality and pub culture.

Pub culture is best experienced in Dublin’s Temple Bar district, where you will also find some of the city’s most popular pubs. Do not deceive yourself for a visit to the Guinness Storehouse, where you can sample Ireland’s “national drink”.


Enniskerry is a lovely little village in the Wicklow region, from where many start their Wicklow hike. The village is the perfect place to relax on trips to Ireland before embarking on the hike.

From the city you can explore the Powerscourt Townhouse, which according to National Geographic is one of the world’s most beautiful gardens. Here you can experience Ireland’s highest waterfall Powerscourt on your travels to Ireland.


Glendalough is an adventurous valley on the Wicklow route and is one of Ireland’s most famous. At the bottom of the valley you will find, among other things, two scenic mountain lakes, which are impossible not to take your camera out of your bag for.

Here too you will also find the mysterious “Round Towers”, which were built together with some of the earliest monasteries in Ireland. Do not deceive yourself for a visit to the Glendalough Valley on your travels to Ireland.

Trekking in Ireland

Trekking trips to Ireland allow you to combine the atmosphere of the vibrant city with hiking through Ireland’s beautiful and unspoilt countryside. Ireland’s mild climate makes the country perfect for hiking, as it is rarely too hot or cold.

Questions and answers

When is the best time to visit Ireland?

Ireland’s climate is mild and humid and you will rarely experience frost in winter or scorching heat in summer. Ireland is therefore the perfect destination for year-round hiking.

What are Ireland’s best walking routes?

There are many beautiful hiking trails on the green island. We recommend the hiking route through the Wicklow Mountains, which take you past some of the most beautiful nature Ireland has to offer.

Should I visit Dublin or Galway?

Dublin and Galway are two very different Irish cities. Dublin is a city of millions where Galway has only about 75,000 inhabitants. If you want big city life, then Dublin is preferable, if you want local charm, then Galway is the obvious choice.

Should I take a guided or non-guided tour?

We recommend non-guided tours when visiting Ireland. That way, you have the opportunity to stop when it suits you, while enjoying the Irish hospitality.

Do I need a visa to visit Ireland?

After the UK left the EU, the rules for visas to Ireland have changed. If your visit is less than 90 days, however, your trip is still visa-free.

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