Varna, Bulgaria

Varna, Bulgaria

Varna is a rather large city, but this does not deprive it of the typical charm of a southern resort. Cozy streets, a pedestrian promenade, sandy beaches and fresh juicy fruits – everything is familiar and sweet to the heart of our tourist. However, rest here goes far beyond the beach. Varna has everything you need for lovers of antiquities and excursions – ancient architecture, museums and monuments, the royal estate and a large cathedral. Those who want to improve their health and gain strength should look into local sanatoriums – water from mineral springs and mud from Lake Varna will do their job. Special attention should be paid to the cuisine – traditional Bulgarian dishes and seafood dishes. See for weather information.

Young people are attracted here by bars and discos with a variety of music and affordable prices. At night, the beaches of Varna are transformed, and the fun does not stop until the morning.


Diving in Bulgaria is not as popular as in the Red Sea. However, even near small resorts there are interesting sites, and even in such a large city as Varna, lovers of scuba diving will definitely find something to do. In the local bay there are some of the most interesting wreck diving objects – a sunken submarine and a TU-154 aircraft. The latter was flooded in 2011, and now the board is already inhabited by algae, fish and other underwater inhabitants. Visibility in this area is good, the sea is calm, so inspection of the “carcass” is available even to novice divers. From living creatures you can see dolphins, gobies, red mullet, crabs, shrimps, sea anemones and sponges.

There are several diving centers in the city. One swim for a beginner costs about 80 BGN, for an experienced diver – 80 BGN. It is more profitable to order several dives, each next one will be cheaper. A walk along the night bottom will cost 70-100 BGN. Training courses are held, after which certificates of international standard are issued – 400-700 BGN per person.

Treatment in Varna

At the resort, you can combine beach and sightseeing holidays with wellness treatments. There are more than 10 springs in the region with low-mineralized water containing sodium bicarbonate and other useful substances. Also, local health resorts use therapeutic mud from the nearby Varna Lake. An additional healing and restorative effect has a mild seaside climate.

Local sanatoriums treat neuroses, migraines, hypertension, part of endocrine diseases, disorders of the reproductive system, hernia, as well as diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Depending on the indications, patients are prescribed mineral and mud baths, massages and physiotherapy, physiotherapy exercises and other procedures. Many complexes offer different programs to choose from – anti-cellulite, for weight loss, restorative and “anti-stress”, duration – 7, 9 or 14 days. Some centers provide rehabilitation for children with cerebral palsy. Most of the hospitals are located in resorts in the suburbs of Varna. The cost of a week’s stay is from 250 BGN, there are also short three-day courses – from 150 BGN.


Varna cannot be called the capital of shopping, but those who cannot imagine a vacation without shopping and new things will be able to find something interesting for themselves. Trade is concentrated on Blvd. Vladislav Varnenchik and st. Prince Boris. There are two large shopping centers – “Varna Mall” and “Grand Varna Mall” – and many small shops of Bulgarian and European brands – “Dafna”, Capasca, Beneton, Mango, Bershka, Zara and others. The assortment of the shopping center also includes cosmetics of local manufacturers based on rose oil, shoes, accessories, children’s and sports goods. Prices are slightly lower than in Moscow, for greater savings it is better to choose small shops. Sellers set the time of sales themselves, but often discounts are tied to the pan-European seasons – December-January and July-August.

When buying in stores with the Tax free logo for more than 1000 BGN, you save 20% on tax refunds.

The most popular souvenir among women – rose oil and cosmetics based on it – can be found in almost every district of the city in company stores. Rakia, mastic and Bulgarian wines are more profitable to buy in supermarkets. Ceramics are also brought as gifts from Varna – painted pots for stews and salad bowls, and hand-embroidered textiles.

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Cuisine and restaurants of Varna

The resort is full of establishments for every taste. You can taste Italian, Indian, Japanese and other cuisines of the world. There is even a British pub for beer lovers. Do not pass by Bulgarian restaurants. The authentic atmosphere of an old peasant house, mouth-watering aromas of homemade food and traditional dishes will help you feel the country and understand the mentality of the locals. Be sure to try the stew with vegetables (“kavarma”), cold cuts (“meshana scara”) and grilled vegetables, delicious and light soups, as well as breaded fried cheese (“pane kashkaval”). There are many fish dishes on the menu of national establishments – gobies, trout, flounder and mullet are fried, baked and grilled.

For lunch, it is beneficial to go to restaurants that offer a complex set of dishes for 10-20 BGN.

Varna has a lot of cafes and taverns with affordable prices. Dinner for two people in a middle-class restaurant will cost 25-35 BGN. Portions are large almost everywhere, sometimes it makes sense to order one dish for two. You can have breakfast sandwiches with a fragrant cup of coffee for 7-12 BGN per person. Street food stalls sell various pastries with meat, cheese, vegetable and sweet fillings. The average bill for dinner in the most expensive establishments reaches 80-170 BGN for two.

Varna, Bulgaria