A chapter of Adventure time was born a couple of years ago the fun card game called war letters, and given its success now also We can enjoy its sequel, and best of all, is that that differs from his first delivery, the second part is not paid, is Free-to-Play, with what download is free.

War letters: the Kingdom back to offer us the fun battles turn-based using our deck of cards and his creatures with which we will be launching attacks and spells against the creatures of our adversary. As in all games of cards, just start a split sample and guided will explain us how to play to your new system of fight cards and their new charts.

War letters: the Kingdom allows us to play against our friends, fight at special events, daily challenges, collect hundreds of creatures and letters, merge creatures to make them even more powerful, level up to unlock new cards and skills, and much more. The sequel to the card game of Adventure time comes very complete, and the essence of the animated series thanks to its graphic style cartoon.

War letters: the United version 1.0

  • Version of Android: from 4.0.3
  • Developer: