We Tested the Cennarium

It happened recently to launch a site that promises quality theater to people’s homes. This is the Cennarium, an innovative project in which theatrical performances are captured on video and then made ​​available on the web. Then the user buys credits to be able to watch these videos.

The intention of its founders – that invested R $ 10 million on the idea – is not to replace the theatrical experience that is only possible by going to the theater. On the contrary, they know that such an experience can not be played in another corner. However, at least it is more chance that 95% of Brazilians who have never been to the theater must be more interested in this form of culture.

More than just talk about the Cennarium, I tested the service. Go to my observations.

The Cennarium site is very well built with nice layout that allows easy access to the most relevant information. Once registered has been done and the credits are already purchased, the real fun begins (or drama or thriller … part depends on what you choose).

A player in Flash (you may know him here) is where the user has access to the videos. The controls are pretty basic: play / pause, navigation bar for audiovisual content, size selection (original or set the window browser), full screen and volume. Thankfully, they are more than enough to watch the videos.

There are three video quality settings: low, medium and high. The Cennarium did not say what bitrate rates for each of them. Anyway, I tested for high quality with a 10 Mega connection. The result was exquisite: one made that the initial buffering is done, the video passes without interruption.

One of the problems is Cennarium how the parts are divided into blocks. Approximately every 15 minutes of the video needs redoing the stream, since another block begins. This could be invisible to the user, but it is not. And the worst: at times this block change takes place in the middle of a dialogue or even a sentence.

Another point that needs to be reviewed is more technical character: at times, the camera is not agile enough to capture the scene that viewers are watching in the theater. But this is something that – I imagine – will be adjusted over time.

Prices. I found parts for 20 to 30 credits, which is equivalent to R $ 20 and R $ 30. I do not know if this value would pay for any part, especially when in some theaters that is the amount I would pay featuring my wallet student. However, not everyone lives in a capital with pieces on display all the time, so I ask the question: what do you think of the pricing? Pay such amounts?

Promotion. Even today we have a related Cennarium here on promotion TB. Keep an eye.