What is the Best Mobile Internet for Mobile Phone and Notebook?

When you choose a provider of mobile internet for your cellular phone or notebook computer, you need to think about some things before you make your choice. Such elements of choice involving how many minutes you spend on the phone each month during the day, at night or on weekends; the number of texts you send per month; the amount of time spent browsing on the internet through your mobile phone; if you do the download or streaming of the media constantly (videos and photos); among many other criteria. This is important because you will need to find a plan that matches the way you use your phone, learning how to choose the mobile internet for your needs.

What is a Mobile Internet?

The mobile phone network provides technology that allows your phone or notebook to access the mobile internet. The modem 3G/4G notebook and the mobile device use a SIM card to function, which is a small microchip containing all the information needed for your electronic work. This SIM card is connected to a mobile telephony network, and this network that allows mobile phones/tablets and laptops to communicate with each other via the mobile internet. Are examples of operators of mobile internet in Brazil: Oi, Claro, TIM, Vivo, Algar, Nextel, and Sercomtel.

Why is it Important to Know Your Carrier?

The coverage of your mobile phone network decides the strength of your phone signal. It is important to make sure that there is good coverage in your area before you sign a contract that you attach to a particular network. It is particularly important if you are in a rural area, or in areas of the interior where you can have your options are more limited because of the poor network coverage. You can do a check of the availability of mobile internet in your city through sites of the operators of mobile networks, but it is also a good idea to ask friends and colleagues in your service area which carriers they use and what is the best carrier of the mobile internet in your region.

What Kind of Mobile Internet Service is Best for You?

There are three main ways to pay for your internet, mobile phone or notebook:

Post-paid plans – where you agree to pay a value more or less fixed monthly to cover your internet services, mobile and additional for a minimum period of 12 months, generally, paying also extra for what you use beyond what is permitted in your basic package.

Pre-paid cards and prepaid plans – where you pay for their mobile internet services and additional advance and you are not tied into paying for a certain amount of calls and texts each month, using credit in the form of values that are tied to your SIM card. Prepaid plans, also called plans control, are the ones that you pay a fixed amount monthly and only has a right to use the extra services after the “quota” of control if you pay more for it.

Plan unique internet 3G or 4G – a relatively new and geared more for users of modems in laptops, these plans may be pre-or post-paid, to be used exclusively for the use of the mobile internet.

The type of service to be chosen will depend on the values, the quality of the service, whether the network is 3G or 4G, among other elements.

How You Use Your Mobile Internet?

You will need to combine its use of the mobile internet to the price to be paid for this service, or you may end up committing to a plan that does not meet your needs. For example, if you want watch many videos, a data plan with 200 MB will not be enough for the videos, as even a short video, on the internet you can have more than 20 MB. If you want to have a plan of mobile internet with higher speed, such as plans to 4G, needs to know that values are more expensive, and need to see if they are worth it. The ideal is to combine, in the right measure, speed, amount of data you can download, and price plan for mobile internet.

Choosing a Pricing Plan

Before you choose the price to pay, you need to find out which carrier has the best mobile internet in your region. The quality of the services and the mobile internet coverage vary greatly from region to region, even within the same neighbourhoods of a city. Ask friends, check the complaints online about the carriers of the mobile internet, go to the PROCON your city and see the complaints before you go and buy an internet plan unlimited mobile for a cheap price, as there is no use having unlimited internet if this even works.

What is the Best Mobile Internet 3G? 4G?

Not all cities have 3G coverage, and 4G, being some only that are served by 3G technology and other, served by the two technologies only in some areas of the city. Decide which type of technology is best will help save you money, because plans 4G are more expensive. 4G technology is faster and more modern, but you have to understand when this technology is worth it or not for you.

When You Opt for the 3G Technology?

If you do not have the 4G network in your area, does not make sense to buy a internet plan 4G, since you will not be able to communicate with any cell towers 4G to relay the signal. That said, most phones 4G are compatible with earlier versions, which means that you can still connect to towers 3G when a 4G network is not available. If you are anticipating the expansion of 4G in your areaalready have a phone with 4G can be a good choice, while you’re waiting for the plans 4G to arrive in your region.

If you really don’t use a lot of apps that consume a lot of data such as online radio, online video, and online media, in general, you probably don’t need the fast speeds offered by the 4G network. Most of the apps for basic stuff like GPS, weather, e-mail, chat and social networks will work very well on a 3G connection.

When You Opt for the 4G Technology?

4G networks are becoming common, so most of the newer phones are typically phones 4G. Some operators have had a massive expansion of the 4G network, something which you can take advantage plan with a 4G cheap. It is the type of technology highly recommended for anyone who uses large amounts of data and can benefit from faster speeds. If you like to watch videos on your way to work, listening to online radio with good audio quality wherever you go, and you rely on a boat full of applications and programs connected to the internet to help you during the day, then go with a plan 4G. Have a super-fast internet in your pocket at all times is incredibly useful, and data plans usually cost only a little more expensive in 4G networks.