WhatsApp Android Gets a new version on Google Play, from version 2.11.186 March to the new version 2.11.238 which adds to the world some of the developments we have seen in previous weeks that they were arriving in updates through version that is downloadable directly from the website of WhatsApp.

In 2.11.238 WhatsApp for Android you will find the option to Hide notifications when mute groups If we want to really stop receiving notifications of certain groups. This new version, more recent that that there are at present for download in whatsapp.com/android does not include the options of mute groups until a century, includes the same options, the of 8 hours, one day and one week.

This new version available at Google Play also includes the option of delete media files to delete messages If we delete both at once, add the emoji animated heart, upgrades to attach more files of audio, and for some Samsung devices notifications gobos displaying messages unread.

Another feature that has not finished in the latest version of WhatsApp on Google Play is the shortcut for sending photos. It is not known if that shortcut next to the options to mute groups for longer have been discarded by WhatsApp team or if they will come in future versions.