WhatsApp Spending a Lot of Battery Power? How to Solve?

A mobile phone with a battery that lasts a short time is normal now, especially if you use apps such as WhatsApp, which suck resources and battery even of the most up to date apparatus. If your WhatsApp or even other similar applications like Viber and Telegram, are ending very quickly with the battery of your device, you have several solutions at their disposal to avoid the excessive use of the battery.

The tips below work for iOS and Android.

WhatsApp Spending a Lot of Battery Power: Turn Off Notifications of Apps

You may have given permission to the app to send you notifications about your updates, etc. Tap on the settings of your phone and go to notifications or Apps. You can turn off application by application, by clicking on the name of the application and unchecking the option “show notifications”.

You should also go into the sound settings without the device (settings -> sound), by turning off the vibration and sounds when you receive any notification.

Turn Off the Location Tracking

You’d be surprised how many apps are tracking where you are. You’d be even more surprised with how much life of the battery drops with this trace. Unless you are using a map application or check-in, you don’t really need location services turned on. Go to Settings, Privacy, Location Services or app Permissions, to customize which apps can use your location.

How to Turn Off WhatsApp for a While?

Simple: just turn off the notifications from the application. Open WhatsApp and tap on the options icon in the top right corner (3 little dots). Tap on Notifications. Turn off all notifications and sounds, as well as popups. Some applications, such as the QualityTime, reveal how much time you spent on each app, and make it possible for you to disable some apps by a predetermined time.

Use Wi-Fi Instead of Using Data Connection to Save Battery Power with WhatsApp

Whenever possible, opt for Wi-Fi instead of data since Wi-Fi offers a connection more stable, and your phone won’t be wasting battery looking for a good signal.

Turn off Your Phone When You Can, at Least, the Internet Connection

If you go to the cinema or to an event where you really shouldn’t be checking your phone, then do not check. Turn the phone off completely or put it in Airplane Mode so that you can preserve your battery life. Or, at least, turn off the wireless connection or data. Just go in settings and tap to enable or disable the Wi-Fi and the data connection.

Invest in an Extra Battery for Your Cell Phone or a Capinha with Battery

If all this fails, buy a portable charger reliable. This will allow you to charge your phone when you’re not near an outlet or don’t have your charger with you. Case for mobile phone good quality it also has extra batteries, that can give you the hours you need to spend the whole day with WhatsApp.

Our tips worked? Leave in the comments which ones worked and which are not giving the right for the life of your battery!