Where to Download Decks to Ankidroid! IT, English, Spanish, Law …

We are all familiar with cards and memorabilia cards. The concept is simple: small pieces of paper with a question on one side, and the answer on the other. They can be carried in the pocket ready for review at any time. They are mainly used for pretests before a test or to learn words from a foreign language. But cutting out pieces of paper and jotting down information can be a bit exhausting and spend a lot of your time.

Where to Download Decks to Ankidroid! IT, English, Spanish, Law ...

The new way of doing things: Anki and Ankidroid

Anki uses what is called a “spaced repetition system”. Think of it as a great database that stores everything you want to remember. There is no need to worry about forgetting a fact because Anki will help you remember. The idea is to detail the facts in your long-term memory through constant exposure. Ankidroid is basically Anki for Android and both use the principle of memory cards to help you with various types of different subjects and even special travel tips .

Why use Anki?

Some reasons may convince you even more to use Anki and Ankidroid:

Anki is free

I do not think I need to say more. There’s nothing to lose and you only have to win with Anki.

Anki is available everywhere

There are versions of Anki available for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices . Most of us carry a cell phone with us everywhere. With free cloud synchronization, you’ll always have access to memory cards

For those of you who do not have any of the devices mentioned, you will be happy to know that Anki also syncs with an online interface, also available for free, for access from any computer with internet access.

Anki makes reviewing easy and effortless

The “decoreba”, easily forgettable, becomes something deeper, with memorization and review and everything you have learned. It is an automatic process and very easy to do.

Anki makes the review interesting

Memory cards are easily customized for what you want. This includes the use of color and the insertion of images and audio. If you are having difficulty remembering a word, include a photo or some audio, after seeing or hearing it sometimes you are bound to remember. The same goes for mathematical formulas, body parts (for those who are studying physiology) among other possible uses.

Anki is limited only by your imagination

Anki can be used for all kinds of things like remembering lists, words, phrases, dates, names, places, grammar rules, birthdays and more. Your imagination is the limit.

How to use Ankidroid?

A good start and on the help page of the program’s developers. There are lots of images to guide you through the first Ankidroid settings.

Where to find decks for Ankidroid?

Several forums in the network are dedicated to sharing decks of Ankidroid, of several different subjects. A good starting point is Anki’s website , but you should not limit yourself to it to find the knowledge.

Final considerations

What do you think? Are you going to give Ankidroid a try? Maybe you already use Anki and you have some ideas to share? Do not be shy and share the ideas in our comments space below.