Comprehensive Guide to Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen, located in Guangdong Province, China, is a modern metropolis known for its rapid economic growth, innovative technology industry, and vibrant cultural scene. This page provides an in-depth overview of Shenzhen, covering its history, economic development, major attractions, and practical information for visitors and business travelers.

Historical Background

Early History

Shenzhen’s history dates back over 6,000 years, with early settlements primarily engaged in fishing and agriculture. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Shenzhen was a small market town known as Bao’an County.

Modern Transformation

Shenzhen’s transformation began in 1980 when it was designated as China’s first Special Economic Zone (SEZ). This status spurred rapid development and attracted significant foreign investment, transforming Shenzhen from a small town into a bustling metropolis within a few decades.

Shenzhen, China

Economic Development

Special Economic Zone

Shenzhen’s designation as a Special Economic Zone marked the beginning of its economic boom. The SEZ status provided favorable policies, including tax incentives and reduced tariffs, attracting multinational companies and entrepreneurs.

Key Industries

  • Technology: Shenzhen is home to tech giants like Huawei, Tencent, and DJI. The city is often referred to as China’s Silicon Valley.
  • Manufacturing: Shenzhen is a global manufacturing hub, particularly for electronics, textiles, and machinery.
  • Finance: The city hosts numerous financial institutions and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, contributing to its status as a financial center.


Innovation and Technology

Shenzhen is renowned for its innovation ecosystem. The city supports startups and tech companies with initiatives like innovation parks, incubators, and funding programs. Its proximity to Hong Kong further enhances its attractiveness to international businesses.

Notable Tech Parks

  • Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Park: A major center for high-tech industries, including IT, telecommunications, and biotechnology.
  • Nanshan Science and Technology Park: Hosts numerous tech companies and research institutions, fostering a collaborative environment for innovation.

Major Attractions

Cultural and Historical Sites

Shenzhen Museum

The Shenzhen Museum offers a comprehensive overview of the city’s history, culture, and development. Exhibits include ancient artifacts, revolutionary history, and urban planning models.

Dapeng Fortress

Dapeng Fortress, a historical site dating back to the Ming Dynasty, provides a glimpse into Shenzhen’s past. The well-preserved fortress includes ancient architecture, historical relics, and cultural displays.

Natural Attractions

Shenzhen Bay Park

Shenzhen Bay Park is a scenic waterfront park offering stunning views of the bay and Hong Kong’s skyline. It features walking and biking paths, picnic areas, and bird-watching spots.

Wutong Mountain

Wutong Mountain, the highest peak in Shenzhen, is a popular destination for hiking and nature enthusiasts. The mountain offers lush forests, clear streams, and panoramic views of the city.

Theme Parks and Entertainment

Window of the World

Window of the World is a theme park featuring miniature replicas of famous landmarks from around the globe, including the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Taj Mahal.

OCT East

OCT East is a large resort and entertainment complex comprising theme parks, hotels, and ecological gardens. It is divided into three main areas: Knight Valley, Tea Stream Valley, and Wind Valley.

Practical Information


Getting to Shenzhen

Shenzhen is accessible by air, rail, and road. Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport offers both domestic and international flights. High-speed trains connect Shenzhen to major cities like Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Beijing.

Local Transportation

Shenzhen has an extensive public transportation system, including buses, taxis, and a modern metro system. The metro is efficient and covers most areas of the city, making it convenient for travelers.



Shenzhen offers a wide range of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly hostels. Notable hotels include the Shangri-La Hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, and the Four Seasons Hotel.

Serviced Apartments

For longer stays, serviced apartments like Fraser Suites, Ascott Maillen, and Somerset Grandview offer comfortable and convenient living spaces with amenities like kitchens and laundry facilities.

Business Services

Trade Services

Shenzhen provides extensive trade services, including translation, logistics, and export assistance. The Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center hosts numerous trade shows and business events.

Financial Services

Major banks, including the Bank of China and ICBC, have branches in Shenzhen, providing a full range of financial services to support businesses and individuals.

Living in Shenzhen

Cost of Living

Shenzhen offers a relatively high cost of living compared to other Chinese cities, but it is more affordable than cities like Hong Kong. Housing, food, and transportation are reasonably priced, with options to suit various budgets.


Shenzhen has a range of educational institutions, including international schools like Shekou International School and Shenzhen American International School, which offer programs in English. The city also has several reputable universities and vocational colleges.


Shenzhen is home to several well-equipped hospitals and clinics, providing quality healthcare services. Notable medical facilities include Shenzhen People’s Hospital, Peking University Shenzhen Hospital, and Shekou International Clinic.

Festivals and Events

Shenzhen International Cultural Industries Fair

The Shenzhen International Cultural Industries Fair is one of the largest cultural events in China, showcasing creative industries such as design, media, and arts. It attracts exhibitors and visitors from around the world.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Shenzhen. Traditional performances, fireworks, and family gatherings mark the occasion, with special events held across the city.

Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, features lantern displays, mooncakes, and cultural performances. It is a time for family reunions and celebrations.

Dining and Cuisine

Local Specialties

Cantonese Cuisine

Shenzhen, part of the Cantonese-speaking region, offers a variety of Cantonese dishes known for their freshness and delicate flavors. Popular dishes include dim sum, roasted meats, and seafood.

Hakka Cuisine

Hakka cuisine, characterized by its hearty and savory dishes, is also popular in Shenzhen. Signature dishes include stuffed tofu, salt-baked chicken, and braised pork with preserved vegetables.

Popular Restaurants

Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung is renowned for its xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) and other Taiwanese specialties. The restaurant is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Laurel Restaurant

Laurel Restaurant offers an extensive menu of Cantonese dishes in an elegant setting. It is known for its high-quality ingredients and impeccable service.

Shopping Experience

Huaqiangbei Electronics Market

Huaqiangbei is the world’s largest electronics market, offering a vast array of electronic components, gadgets, and consumer electronics. It is a must-visit for tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Tips for Shoppers

  • Bargain Wisely: Haggling is common, so don’t hesitate to negotiate prices.
  • Inspect Quality: Check the quality of products before purchasing, especially for bulk orders.
  • Plan Ahead: The market is vast, so plan your visit and prioritize the sections you want to explore.

Shopping Malls

Coco Park

Coco Park is a modern shopping mall featuring international and local brands, restaurants, and entertainment options. It is a popular destination for shopping, dining, and leisure activities.

Luohu Commercial City

Luohu Commercial City, located near the Hong Kong border, is known for its variety of products, from clothing and accessories to electronics and souvenirs. It is a favorite spot for bargain hunters.

Cultural Etiquette

Business Etiquette

  • Formal Greetings: Use formal titles and handshakes when meeting business partners.
  • Gift Giving: Giving small gifts is common in business settings. Avoid giving clocks or sharp objects, as they are considered inauspicious.
  • Punctuality: Arrive on time for meetings and appointments, as punctuality is highly valued.

Social Etiquette

  • Respect Elders: Show respect to elders by addressing them politely and offering them the best seats.
  • Dining Etiquette: Use chopsticks correctly and try all the dishes offered as a sign of appreciation.

Language and Communication

Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin is the official language spoken in Shenzhen. Learning basic Mandarin phrases can be helpful for communication, especially in markets and local businesses.


English is widely spoken in the business sector and by younger generations. Many signs and menus are bilingual, making it easier for international visitors to navigate the city.

Translation Services

Shenzhen offers various translation services to assist with business transactions and everyday communication. Many hotels and trade centers also provide multilingual staff to help foreign visitors.

Climate and Weather

Seasonal Overview

Shenzhen experiences a subtropical climate with mild winters and hot, humid summers.

Spring (March to May)

  • Weather: Mild and pleasant
  • Activities: Ideal for outdoor activities and exploring parks

Summer (June to August)

  • Weather: Hot and humid
  • Activities: Best for indoor activities and visiting air-conditioned markets

Autumn (September to November)

  • Weather: Cool and dry
  • Activities: Perfect for sightseeing and attending festivals

Winter (December to February)

  • Weather: Mild with occasional cold fronts
  • Activities: Suitable for indoor attractions and enjoying local winter delicacies

Packing Tips

  • Spring and Autumn: Light layers and comfortable shoes
  • Summer: Light clothing, sunscreen, and a hat
  • Winter: Light jackets or sweaters

Safety and Security

General Safety

Shenzhen is considered a safe city with low crime rates. However, visitors should take common precautions to ensure their safety.

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