Val di Fiemme, Italy

Val di Fiemme, Italy

Val di Fiemme is a spacious picturesque valley spread out on a sunny plateau, between majestic mountain ranges and the swift river Avisio. Val di Fiemme is a “beautiful state” that gained independence in the 12th century. Val di Fiemme is a magnificent ski resort with several ski areas and numerous slopes of varying difficulty, the venue for the World Championships in cross-country skiing. And Val di Fiemme is a unique nature, beautiful landscapes, excellent conditions for summer and winter holidays, charming alpine towns, excellent local cuisine and hospitable comfortable hotels.


The history of Val di Fiemme goes back to the 12th century, when the inhabitants of this picturesque valley, stretching at the foot of majestic mountains, after many years of struggle for independence, declared their lands the “Beautiful State of Val di Fiemme”, which has existed until our days. Austria and Italy fought for the territory of Val di Fiemme for many years. After the First World War, Val di Fiemme began to develop as a ski resort, twice (in 1991 and 2003) the World Championships in cross-country skiing, ski jumping and Nordic combined were held here, and the World Cup in cross-country skiing is regularly held. Today, Val di Fiemme is a magnificent resort with a rich infrastructure and excellent opportunities for sports and recreation.

Information about the weather in the resort in the coming days:

The Val di Fiemme, often referred to as the “gateway” of the Dolomites, is located in the northeast of the Trentino region, along the Avisio River, between the Lagorai and Pale di San Martino mountain ranges. and Latemar.

there The nearest international airports are Bolzano (46 km) and Verona (161 km).

Slopes, slopes, lifts
The total length of the ski slopes of Val di Fiemme with the Obereggen area is 100 km (10% for beginners, 80% of the average level of difficulty, 10% of the difficult ones)
The length of the longest route is 6 km.
Elevation difference: 1000 m – 1372 m.
Total number of lifts: 50.
Cross-country skiing trails are 150 km.
The region combines three main ski areas: Alpe Cermis, Bellamonte and Latemar.
The lift near the town of Cavalese will take skiers to the Alpe-Cermis ski area, which can be reached by funicular from the village of Cavalese. The ski area is located at an altitude of 980-2230 m. There is one black track and the possibility of virgin descent.
Near the town of Predazzo, the Latemar ski area begins (to which the cabin lift from the town of Predazzo goes) with a wide selection of slopes of any level. Latemar is located at an altitude of 1500-2500 m.
The Bellamonte zone, located at an altitude of 1370 – 2340 m, is connected by a common system of trails and lifts with the Tre Valley ski area (Three Valleys) and is distinguished by long trails among snow-covered forests. It is here that the narrow and steep black track begins, which descends into the neighboring Val di Fassa valley. The famous Alberto Tomba trained on this track.
In turn, this ski area is divided into 4 more zones:
1st – Cermis Alps, or Ski Center Lagorai, which can be reached by using the funicular in Cavalese. Here is the famous Olympia track, 4 km long, which starts from the very top and ends at the funicular.
2nd – Pampeago – Obereggen, or Latemar Ski Center, the most interesting area, including different slopes of the mountain and very diverse trails.
3rd – Bellamonte – Alpe Lusia. You can ride here on two slopes, or go down to Moena, which is already part of another valley – Val di Fassa.
4th – Passo Rolle – is included in the San Martino di Castrozza ski pass.
The resort also has excellent snowboarding trails.

Ski schools and kindergartens
Almost every resort has kindergartens and schools for children and adults.

The resort offers not only great opportunities for skiing and snowboarding, but also a huge selection of other sports activities: hiking trails, climbing, mountain biking, paragliding. The resort also has: 2 indoor pools, 3 ice stadiums, 2 tennis courts, sports centers, basketball courts.

The main resorts of the
Cavalese region– a popular resort, which is the administrative center of the Val di Fiemme region. Cavalese spreads along river and glacial terraces that descend into the widest part of the valley. The town of 3,600 inhabitants offers excellent conditions for skiing: here is the famous Olympia piste, 5 km long, located at an altitude of 2000 m, with a vertical drop of 1000 m, excellent cross-country skiing trails in the valley and in the Lavazè Pass area and scenic walking trails. In addition to winter and summer sports entertainment, the resort presents interesting historical and cultural attractions. So, in the art gallery of Val di Fiemme, you can see not only the works of local artists, but also the historical document “Privilegio Enriciano”, confirming the autonomy of the region,

Predazzo is a beautiful resort located in the northeastern part of the region, at the confluence of the Avisio and Travignolo rivers. Predazzo has excellent opportunities for skiing, offering two ski areas – Latemar (Ski Center Latemar) and Bellamonte (Bellamonte-Alpe Luisa). The picturesque surroundings of the town attract tourists during the summer season as well. In Predazzo there is a museum of geology and mineralogy, where you can learn a lot of interesting things about the history of the surrounding mountains and rocks.

Tesero is a charming town with a rich tradition, located in the middle of a valley, between the picturesque surroundings of Lake Tesero, located at an altitude of 900 m above sea level, and the Alpe di Pampeago ski area (altitude 1757 m). These ski areas, together with the slopes of Predazzo and Obereggen, form the Latemar Ski Center, and on the slopes near Lake Tesero in 1991 and 2003. World Championships in cross-country skiing, ski jumping and Nordic combined. Tesero is also famous for its craftsmen who make magnificent wood sculptures.

Bellamonte is a picturesque area of ​​Predazzo, located in the valley of the Travignolo River, on a sunny plateau, at the foot of the Pale di San Martino and Lagorai mountain ranges. In winter, you can ski in the Alpe di Lusia ski area, and in summer you can enjoy the amazing nature of the Paneveggio park.

Culinary and craft traditions The
Val di Fiemme region is famous for its culinary traditions. Nestled in the streets of resort towns and amid stunning mountain landscapes, numerous cozy restaurants serve delicious dishes prepared with local products: a variety of cheeses, including Cavalese goat cheese and fragrant Puzzone cheese, aged bacon and salami, mountain honey and jams from local wild berries, wild mushroom dishes and the famous Alpine beer Fiemme. All sorts of souvenirs and products of local craftsmen are sold in the shops and souvenir shops of the resort, magnificent wood products deserve special attention: hand-painted furniture, sculptures, bas-reliefs and figurines.

Val di Fiemme, Italy